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Five Apartment Decorating Mistakes to Avoid
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Five Apartment Decorating Mistakes to Avoid

Feb 20th, 2015

Love it or hate it, decorating your apartment is something you just have to do. And while you have considerable latitude over what kind of decor you choose to have in your home, there are a number of mistakes to avoid at almost all costs. If you don’t stay away from these faux pas, your apartment just won’t look as good as it could.

As you set out to decorate your new apartment or give it a decorative makeover, here are a few things to avoid.

Decorate for Others

When it comes to decorating your own space, please yourself first. Yes, you want your home to be aesthetically appealing to guests, but remember these few things: You’re the one who spends the most time in your apartment. You’re the one paying for your decorations and furniture. You’re the one putting in the effort. Thus, even if you’re selfless as can be, think about yourself and ensure you can live with, appreciate, and enjoy the furnishings, artwork, and other decorative elements in your home.

Along the same vein, don’t copy a decor scheme you find in a design magazine or on Pinterest entirely. Use it as inspiration. Photos and tips from professional decorators as a model is a great way to instill confidence in what you’re doing. Copying it entirely, however, can make it feel inauthentic. And on the other side, it might not look like you want it to. It will also deprive you of an opportunity to let your creativity shine.

Skimp on Lighting

Lighting has a major impact on the atmosphere of any room. It can affect your mood, productivity, and eyesight. It can also enhance decorative elements and keep your efforts from going unnoticed. The right lighting is most important in your kitchen and living room, but don’t focus exclusively on these rooms at the expense of your bedrooms and bathrooms. Use desk and standing lamps to complement built-in lighting, and remember to make use of natural light during the day to save energy and bring more life into your apartment.

Make Everything Uniform

Common threads in decor schemes are a good thing, but placing too much emphasis on uniformity can be a decorating mistake. Unless the manufacturer offers a diverse range of options, try not to use one maker for everything. Likewise, don’t use decor that is all the same shade of color. Even if you opt for a monochromatic color scheme, a bit of variety in the hues you choose can be a good thing for your apartment’s design.

Overdo It

Having too much decor in an apartment is another common decorating mistake. Just as you want to keep your belongings from cluttering your living space, you want to keep the walls, bookshelves, and other surfaces in your apartment clutter free. Each room in your apartment should have a focal point with decorative elements that highlight or complement it. Hanging too many paintings or arranging too many knickknacks in a room will detract from the focal point.

Push Everything Against the Walls

Flat-backed chairs and sofas, tables, and many other furnishings fit naturally against flat walls, but that doesn’t mean they should be pressed up against them. If your apartment is especially small, you may not have a choice. But if you have some space to work with, try leaving a couple of inches between the backs of your couches and the walls behind them, and arrange some seating surfaces at angles. Doing so can make your apartment feel more intimate.

Regardless of whether you’re an experienced decorator or doing it for the first time in your life, these tips can help you avoid some of the most common decorating mistakes. Keep them in mind when sprucing up your apartment, and you should be able to make it look great!

Are you a master decorator who has tips of your own to add? Share them in the comments!

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