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Five Benefits of Renting an Eco-Friendly Apartment
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Green Living

Five Benefits of Renting an Eco-Friendly Apartment

Nov 13th, 2014

Green living is not just a fad. It’s a practical solution to a number of problems the world faces today, such as conserving our natural environment for future generations and sustaining and supporting an ever-growing population on a fixed volume of land without destroying bio-diverse and oxygen regenerative ecosystems. Water resource management agencies, forest preservation programs, and other groups concerned with protecting the environment are emerging to tackle these issues, but everyone should be doing his or her part. In addition to benefiting the environment, many aspects of green living popular today also bring with them personal advantages.

As consumers have grown increasingly aware of and concerned about their carbon footprints, the demand for eco-friendly apartments has naturally increased. To many who once viewed green living as a fad, it now seems an environmentally and socially responsible way of life that is destined to someday be the norm. These new admirers of green living constitute much of the new demand for eco-friendly apartments. If you’re among their ranks and are just now starting to research what your life in an eco-friendly apartment could be like, you may be pleasantly surprised to discover how many new advantages you will enjoy.

Here are several benefits of living in an eco-friendly apartment.

Sustainable Materials

Green apartment developers make the most of their resources. They use recycled materials for construction, source a majority of building materials regionally, recycle waste materials during the construction process, and reduce the quantity of materials used and waste generated. You can feel good knowing your green apartment home reduced landfill waste and supported the local economy. Plus, many green building materials, like natural stone and hardwood, are durable, easy to maintain, and aesthetically appealing.

Improved Air Quality

Built using non-toxic construction materials and equipped with effective ventilation systems, sustainable apartments focus on improved air quality and filtration. The air in your apartment should be less susceptible to mold and dust accumulation. Various low emitting materials such as Green Label Plus certified carpet and FloorScore certified flooring, adhesives, sealants, paints, and coatings are all installed and used to reduce the amount of contamination introduced to indoor air.


Green apartments require less energy and water usage. They use energy efficient household products, eco-friendly lighting and plumbing fixtures, ensure proper air sealing during construction, and install energy efficient windows to help maintain interior building conditions, reduce energy bills, and keep you comfortable. Energy efficient HVAC units and ENERGY STAR appliances installed further reduce energy consumption. WaterSense toilets, faucets, and shower heads used in green apartments are engineered to optimize consumption levels without compromising comfort. So that means doesn’t mean you don’t have to compromise the water pressure you love. In fact, many new models have great water pressure and innovative features.

Location, Location, Location

Eco-conscious developers prioritize locations near frequently used and well-connected bus and train stops, coffee shops, grocery stores, post offices, and other businesses. This gives green apartment dwellers walkable access to businesses and public transportation while minimizing the dependency on personal cars. In newly constructed and recently renovated buildings, ample bike storage space is commonplace. In some green apartments, residents can even rent prime parking spaces equipped with their own personal electric car charging stations and located near elevators and staircases.

Quality of Life

Living in a green apartment home can improve your health and well-being, thereby enhancing your quality of life. Regularly breathe air of a high quality and enjoy access to clean, soft water for cooking and cleaning. Many eco-friendly apartment communities are also rich in amenities, the conveniences of which can further improve your quality of life. Well-designed and maintained courtyards and sustainable terrace gardens are also becoming more popular in green apartment homes.

AMLI continues to take steps toward a more sustainable living environment for our future. Building and living green mean a healthier home today and a better environment tomorrow.

Do you live in one of AMLI’s green apartment homes? What is your favorite thing about eco-friendly apartment living?

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