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Five Ways to Pamper Your Dog
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Five Ways to Pamper Your Dog | AMLI Residential

Jul 31st, 2015

A canine’s companionship is unlike that of any human relationship you can have. Is your dog endlessly loyal, always waiting to lavish you with kisses and cuddle when you return to your pet-friendly apartment? If so, it’s only natural to want to treat him from time to time. To show your gratitude, pamper your dog with these tips.

Plan an Outdoor Playdate

One of the easiest and most effective ways to pamper your dog is to get him out of the apartment for more than a short walk and potty break. Plan an outdoor playdate that involves a visit to a pet-friendly beach or your favorite dog park. Bring something to play fetch with, or let your dog join in on some frisbee action. To make your playdate extra special, pay a visit to a pet-friendly restaurant or cafe once you’ve had your fill of fun in the sun. Remember to bring enough water to keep your pooch hydrated and be mindful of hot sand and asphalt.

Have a Spa Day

Your dog may not love every second of the grooming process, but experts agree most canines love to have a clean coat. And chances are you like your dog to have a clean coat too. After spending a day running on the beach or rolling around in the grass, your pooch will be a prime candidate for grooming or at least a bath. Either take your dog to a professional groomer (you’ll have to schedule this in advance) or commandeer your apartment’s paw wash for a massage, trim, and bath. Grooming your pup yourself will save you money, and demonstrate how much you care about your pet, but if you don’t feel comfortable trimming or massaging your pup, just give them a bath.

Upgrade That Bed

Humans aren’t the only ones that appreciate a plush, supportive sleeping environment. If your dog’s bed is old and outdated, pamper your dog by introducing a bigger, better, more comfortable pet bed. Memory foam, tempurpedic, and bolster beds are all available for pets. If your dog is in his old age, consider beds offering orthopedic support. No matter your budget and your dog’s needs, you should be able to find a dog bed that suits you both.

Make a Meal

If your dog is anything like the average canine, he probably salivates whenever you eat. Regardless of whether you give in to your pet’s efforts to score “people food” by feeding him table scraps, he will delight in a homemade meal prepared specifically with him in mind.

In order to kill two birds with one stone, pamper your dog by making a meal you can both eat. Try baked chicken or salmon as a main, with a side of green beans, apple slices, or baby carrots. Before you start prepping your meal, consult lists of foods dogs shouldn’t eat to ensure your meal is entirely canine-friendly. For example, the meal you choose should not contain any garlic or onions.

Clean those Chompers

Pamper your dog with the gift of a dental treatment package. On the face of it, a dental-focused visit to the veterinarian may not sound like much of a treat. It is, however, a gift that keeps on giving. Your dog will be at a lower risk for periodontal disease, and you’ll benefit from the freshening of your pup’s breath. The link between dental health and the health of vital organs in the body means regular pet dental treatments can improve your dog’s heart health as well.

Hopefully, these tips offer some insight into how you can pamper your dog in ways that work with your budget, schedule, and lifestyle. However you choose to pamper your dog, so long as it entails spending time with him, your beloved pet is almost sure to appreciate the gesture.

What’s your favorite way to pamper your dog? Let us know in the comments.

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