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Green Apartments: Living Green with AMLI

Jun 14th, 2012

Fully green apartments come few and far between, but with AMLI, that’s a different story. We are committed to being a leader in sustainable development and believe it’s important to minimize the impact our developments have on the environment. We find that building green and developing luxury, green apartments can help us achieve our goals of using land more efficiently, offer improved indoor air quality, consume less energy and water, and incorporate renewable or recycled materials.

AMLI’s Green Scene incorporates over 15 different green components in communities across the country and provides a greener lifestyle for our residents. Not only can you live life and love life in AMLI’s luxury, green apartments, but you can feel great about where you live, too. Learn more about AMLI’s Living Green and Building Green initiatives.

You know your AMLI apartment was built green, but here are few ways to live green within it:

1. One you’ve probably heard time and time again, but a sure fire way to reduce your carbon footprint, is to turn off every light when you leave a room. Not only will it reduce the amount of energy you use in your apartment, but it will lower your monthly bill. Plus, we’ve partnered with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s ENERGY STAR® program to help improve the energy efficiency of our apartment buildings by 10 percent or more through the ENERGY STAR Challenge.

2. AMLI green apartments are developed in urban areas that are within walking distance of services like grocery stores and supermarkets. Instead of using paper or plastic when you shop, stock up on reusable grocery bags for a greener grocery store run. This green tip will help save a lot of resources.

3. Clean out your closet and give any items you haven’t worn, used, or touched in six months or more to a charity or someone you know who will use it. You’ll be participating in the three R’s, reducing, reusing, and recycling, which are key to green living.

4. Use organic and eco-friendly products for, well, almost everything! From air fresheners, kitchen cleaners, and laundry detergent to make-up, shampoos, and soaps, there are many trustworthy products out there that can help you reduce your impact on the environment. Good Housekeeping is a great resource to discover highly ranked, environmentally-friendly products.

5. Reduce all water use by turning the water off when you brush your teeth, limiting the amount of baths you take, taking shorter showers, minimizing pre-rinse of dishes, and doing larger loads of laundry.

Are green apartments a choosing factor for where you’d like to live? What are some ways you do participate in green living?

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