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Halloween Décor for Family Friendly Apartments

Oct 15th, 2012

The spooks and thrills of Halloween are on their way and if you’re gearing up to decorate your family friendly apartments, think about adding decorations that won’t cause a safety hazard throughout your home. Especially if you have young children, safer Halloween décor will keep your little goblins out of harms way yet still let them indulge in the holiday. A large floor plan in an AMLI apartment home can also give you tons of decorating options when it comes to decorating, but consider creating the perfect Halloween atmosphere that’s safe and fun for the whole family. 1. Painted Pumpkins We don’t think it’s Halloween until you have a pumpkin in your apartment. And you can make your apartment family friendly by nixing the traditional candle inside of a carved Jack O’ Lantern. Instead, pick up various sizes of pumpkins and use paint to create spooky or fun designs that the kids can even do themselves. This will ensure no more carving with sharp utensils, messy, rotten pumpkins leftover or fire hazards! 2. String Lights To incorporate ghoulish colors, orange, green, black and purple string lights hung around windows, doors, bed frames and more in your apartment can create an instant spooky makeover. These colorful lights will surely get your family into the holiday spirit safely. As an added bonus, you can purchase LED string lights to keep your apartment green. 3. Googly Eyes Another fun and ghoulish idea for Halloween décor is putting silly googly eyes on photos. You can spruce up photos around your home (as long as they are in a frame you don’t mind putting little sticky, plastic eyes on) with googly eyes. You could also print out creepy black and white photos then add the toy eyes to keep your apartment family friendly yet still ready for Halloween. 4. Door Décor Show off your Halloween spirit to your apartment neighbors with a fun and easy spider web made out of black crafts tape. There are also many frightfully fun door signs and door hangers available at stores such as Walmart, Target or dedicated Halloween stores. If it’s allowed in your complex, this also shows that you are accepting trick-or-treaters along with turning your porch light on. 5. Keep It Green Add a few creepy decorations to what décor you already have to save space. You can cover your furniture with white sheets and add a ghost face or put some fun glow-in-the-dark spider webs on your picture frames and book shelves to recreate the abandoned home look in most scary movies. However you decide to decorate your home for this festive holiday, we hope these tips help you keep it family friendly. If you’re currently on the lookout for a family friendly apartment, please visit our website and browse current floor plans and apartments available in our communities nationwide. What Halloween decorations do you use every year? Do you have any decoration activities that you do with your family? Share with us in the comments below.

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