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Conceal your cat's litter box with these simple solutions.
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Creative Ways to Hide Your Cat's Litter Box

Aug 25th, 2017

If you and your cat live in an apartment, your cat’s got to do his or her business in house. There’s no way around this. But there are several clever you can conceal your kitty’s litter box so it’s not in plain view. Doing so will give your cat privacy, minimize litter-related odors, and improve your apartment’s aesthetic. Here are six creative litter box solutions only you and your cat will be clued in on.

Potted plant litter concealer

Good Pet Stuff Company sells a litter box that comes concealed in a faux clay planter. This attractive planter contains a large-capacity litter box and supports a live plant.

Conceal in cabinetry

Cabinetry is great for concealing litter boxes. As long as it is large enough and has an access point for your cat, any cabinet could work. The Meow Concord Town Litter Box Cabinet, dark mahogany in color, goes well with just about any decor. Equipped with a side entrance for your cat, the cabinet makes for a great TV stand or display table. Its front doors mask the presence of the box, helping contain smells.

Modernist Mox Litter Tower

This receptacle is one well-thought out litter box solution. Designed to keep both cat and apartment clean, the dog-proof tower looks vaguely like a clothes hamper or modern trash can. It is sealed to prevent leaks and spills, and has a grated entrance area that cleans your cat’s paws after every visit. Pet owners whose cats track litter around the apartment should give this litter tower serious consideration.

Scratcher litter box

This multi-purpose litter solution is all about your cat. It’s a five-sided carpet scratcher topped by a scratch-friendly lounge/bed area that conceals a large litter box. Cats access the box through a diamond-shaped entrance on one side of the scratcher. This solution can help make your cat feel more at home in your apartment.

Merry Products Pet House

The Cat-Washroom Nightstand Pet House makes it easy to share your bathroom with your cat, without cramping either of your styles. The attractive furnishing conceals a large littler box, and has two shelves for storing toiletries or displaying decor.

DIY Litter Box Solution

If you’re crafty, you can also design and build your own litter box solution. You can also repurpose just about any enclosed piece of furniture that’s large enough. If you opt for this route, let this Apartment Therapy guide inspire you.

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