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Try these holiday decorating ideas that save on time and money.
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Holiday Decorating Ideas that Save Time and Money

Dec 16th, 2016

Sure, an apartment that looks like it’s been decorated by Mrs. Claus and an army of elves is impressive. But who has the time or money to change up the decor in every nook and cranny of an apartment, only to take everything down and rearrange after the New Year? Here are some holiday decor tips to make your apartment look great without breaking the bank or going mad before the fast-approaching holidays arrive.

Decorate with what you have

Reusing holiday decorations year after year is something almost everyone does, but that’s not what we’re talking about here. Do that, yes. But try also to utilize non-seasonal specific decor and trinkets you have as well. Anything evocative of snow and ice should fit in well with your holiday decor, as should red and green (or blue and silver) decorative items.

Choose simplicity over ornateness

Avoid getting in over your head this holiday decorating season by keeping things as simple as possible. Large wreathes, statues, and other decorative items are typically easy to set up, and can make a big impact. Choose them over smaller, more intricate holiday decorations to save time. Do not select an over-the-top decor scheme if you don’t have the time to make it look great without getting stressed. And don’t worry about leaving most of your apartment decor as is. Two or three holiday decor displays are all that’s needed for most apartments to be festively decorated.

Use garland

Holiday garland is versatile, looks nice, and its easy to string or hang. It’s a nice complement to a holiday tree corner or stocking station, but can also be used on its own. Garland can be used to frame windows, wrapped around light fixtures, and used as a table runner. Think of it as a foolproof decorative item. You can use garland for 80 percent of your apartment’s holiday decor without facing accusations of laziness. On the contrary, a garland-heavy decorative scheme is likely to bring you loads of compliments.


DIY projects may seem counterintuitive to the goal of saving time. But if you choose your DIY holiday decor endeavors wisely, you can save money and decorate your entire apartment in a single afternoon. Choose simple projects for which you already have materials on hand. Examples include making holiday covers for throw pillows and transforming everyday candles into scented holiday candles.

Shop second-hand holiday decor

Vintage and second-hand emporiums are often gold mines for holiday decor. Peruse their wares for high-quality holiday decorations at affordable prices. Along the same vein, be on the look out for any hand-me-down decorations for which friends or relatives are trying to find a new home.

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