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Make a small master bedroom seem larger than it really is.
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Home Design 101: How to Make the Most of a Small Master Bedroom

Jan 11th, 2018

Master bedrooms serve as a retreat from the chaos of the day. They also serve as a much needed sanctuary. Many houses, however, have smaller bedrooms that, when entered, feel cramped and stifling. Even if your master bedroom is small that doesn’t mean that it can’t serve the purpose intended. In fact, it can be extraordinary. Here are some ideas to get you started and ensure you create the perfect retreat in your own home.

Change your color scheme

By selecting new colors for the room, the appearance of volume can be easily achieved. A monochromatic scheme is one of the easiest ways to achieve that look. That’s especially so if the colors are light and bright. Utilizing a single color on the walls and ceiling serves to eliminate shadows while making a room look bigger. Adding punches of color along with texture in the form of accessories helps to eliminate that feeling of a stark and severe environment. Cooler colors such as pale grays, blues, greens and the like work best. Lastly, include a light-colored feature on the floor in the form of a throw rug, modular carpet tiles or wall-to-wall carpeting. When walls, bedding and flooring are in the same color scheme but in different hues, the room grows exponentially.

Light things up

Lighting is very important in smaller master bedrooms. Small space design dictates that as much natural light as possible should be allowed into the room. That can be achieved by widening windows and utilizing sheer curtains edged by panels that can be closed at night. You can then accentuate and reflect that natural light with a couple of mirrors. Chandeliers should also be replaced with pendant lights but avoid table lamps. They have a tendency to drawn the eye down. By placing a plant in a corner and up-lighting the base, again the eye will be drawn toward the ceiling rather than out into the room.

Select the right furniture

When it comes to furniture, there are two things to keep in mind. The first is that size matters. You may love a king size bed but in a small master bedroom it eats up all the space and makes the room look and feel smaller. Utilize furniture that fits the room. The second thing is to go taller rather than wider. Purchase a bed that has storage such as one with a headboard of built-in bookshelves that contain reading lights. The bed frame should have drawers beneath the bed for additional storage. Taller furniture will draw the eye up accentuating the height of the room rather than the overall size. That type of furniture will also help alleviate clutter while excluding any bulky pieces of furniture often used to accommodate basic needs. If an additional dresser is required, make sure you purchase one that is tall rather than short and wide.

Selectively accessorize

Your accessories, including artwork, should be minimal in number. However, they should add the color needed to warm the space as well as give the eye something to focus on that appears to go beyond the room. It’s the best way to personalize the space. Keep the thought of comfort in mind yet choose items that reflect your personal style. Since too many pieces of art can overpower a small room, utilize just a few larger pieces. That will produce the impact desired while providing the focal points needed without making the room feel cluttered and busy. Just remember that in the case of a small master bedroom, less is more. The best part is that accessories are the easiest and cheapest things to replace. Additionally, they can change with each season. Just remember that color and texture are essential.

Small master bedrooms are not uncommon in today’s homes. However, it’s easy and not very expensive to utilize inspired furniture, designs and ideas to make your small space into a sanctuary. That will ensure you have lovely dreams as well as a place to escape at the end of the day. After a redesign, you and anyone else who views it will see only its beauty rather than its size.

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