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Household Materials You Can Transform into DIY Coasters

Nov 10th, 2017

Coasters play a key role in protecting hardwood tabletops and other nice surfaces from condensation rings and water droplets. They’re also easy to make. You can craft DIY coasters from a range of materials available for cheap from craft supply stores. If you dabble in DIY decor or other crafting, you likely already have some of them in your apartment. Here’s a list of household items and materials you can upcycle into beautiful DIY coasters.


Clay coaster ideas appear on several DIY craft and home decorating blogs. Depending what you’re aim is, you can purchase clay saucers, buy oven-bake clay, or make clay from scratch. Michaels posted a how-to on a colorful, fun, and easy marbled clay coaster project on its website. Meanwhile, these chalkboard ombre coasters are great for occasions when guests want to label their coasters. It’s easier to label a chalkboard-style coaster than a glass or plastic cup.


We’re not sure who first came up with the idea to sew coiled clothesline together for use as coasters. But we like it, especially when accompanied by easy-to-follow instructions like these from the Oh Everything Handmade decor blog. Inject personal flair into a set of clothesline coasters by painting whatever you feel inspired to paint.


If your craft box contains scraps of felt, you likely have the supplies needed for felt DIY coasters. Consult Ciera DesignPurl Soho, or Martha Stewart’s project instructions for guidance.

Leather scraps

Leather is an elegant medium for DIY coasters. Following Nähmarie’s project instructions, you can quickly and easily upcycle leather scraps into seasonally appropriate coasters. With the help of an embossing machine, you can go into intricate artistic detail. If you don’t generally craft with leather, buy some cheap leather scraps at your favorite craft supplies store or on Amazon.

Rice and fabric

Dubbed “scented hot pads,” Suburble’s DIY coasters protect nice furniture surfaces and freshen the air. Each time you set a warm mug on one of these coasters, the heat activates the essential oils inside.

Old t-shirt

If you’re into crochet and looking to upcycle an old t-shirt, try this coaster project by Petals to Picots. For a larger-scale project of a similar hue, consult this tutorial. The crochet rug requires fabric yarn from several old shirts or linens.

Scrap paper

The next time you’re working with stationery, wrapping paper, or tissue paper, set aside any scraps you think would make good coaster imagery. It’s relatively easy to mount these paper scraps on inexpensive stone tiles. Cover the base of the tiles with felt or cork board, and you have a coaster. Wallpaper samples also work well for these Thinking Closet DIY coasters.

Wine corks

Cork might be the most commonly used material in DIY coasters. But most cork-based coaster projects only require cork board. This fun, functional upcycling project from the Heartmade blog calls for cork board and wine corks.


Wood is another hot DIY coaster material, especially well-suited to elegant and rustic decor. Wooden dowels, shims, shingles, and other scraps can be transformed into beautiful coasters. Derive inspiration for your DIY project from these wood slice and wooden pallet coaster tutorials.

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