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Quickly make your apartment modern with these easy tips.
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How To Quickly Modernize Your Apartment

Dec 13th, 2016

When moving into an apartment, it can be easy to feel uncomfortable in a new space that doesn’t yet feel like home. Fortunately, your decor and furnishings can be enough to transform the setting and make it feel that way in no time. Try modernizing your apartment and make it up-to-date with the latest styles, there are a few important tips to follow.

Change the light fixtures

One of the quickest ways to give your apartment a quick update is to change out the light fixtures. According to Apartment Therapy, you can install new ceiling lamps that feature a bulb drum normally used in an entryway, or a dramatic cube design, in the dining room. Add a regal feature or statement piece to each room of the apartment, which will allow any older pieces you might to blend in seamlessly.

Use modern furniture

It goes without saying that the simplest route to modernizing your apartment is to acquire some modern furniture. which will work as the main focal point of the space. Purchase oversized headboards and white lacquer nightstands from companies like Modern Home 2 Go to give a prominent air to each room. Plush rugs and raw wood materials can also go a long way to dress up your unit.

Add metallic details

Metallic details are currently in vogue. Because this modern interior design trend is in fashion, gold, silver, and brass accessories are easy to come by. Find a few you like and sprinkle them on the tables and walls throughout your space. Consider using a gold lamp on a side table in the living room or adding a silver floor lamp in a guest bedroom to create a stunning, high-end environment.

Frame wallpaper

Your lease may not allow you dress up the living room and bedroom walls in wallpaper, but you can still frame a few patterns you like to make your walls stand out. You can also create a series of three to six different framed wallpaper pieces to make a statement instead of buying expensive artwork that may go out of fashion in a few short years. If you plan on living in the apartment for a while, you can also apply temporary wallpaper that is made specifically for rental homes, which is easy to remove by peeling it off.

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