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I Love Lamp! 8 Awesome Lamps Under 100 Dollars

Jun 11th, 2013

Have a look around your apartment.  Do you like what you see?  Do you love it?  Do you really love it, or are you just thinking to yourself that you love it because it’s there?  It’s natural to want to enjoy the things that we own.  But as Ron Burgundy has so wisely imparted on us all, we can’t make ourselves like anything.  If there is a lamp, rug, painting, or take-out menu that you don’t like to look at taking up precious and valuable space in your apartment, then replace it with something that you love. After all, we don’t really have the time for inanimate objects that we don’t absolutely adore.

If the lamp market is the first place you are thinking about looking for design love at first site, and you would like to keep your purchase below the triple-digit dollar mark, then these lamps may interest you.

Architect’s Desk Lamp

The flexible design of an architect’s desk lamp, designed to give masters of the trade the ability to cast more light on any segment of a blueprint on-demand, has long been popular with those outside the field.  These lamps are great for all desk applications, ideal for studying and home office work.  Fully functional architecture desk lamps start at around 0, but even a first-rate Adesso LED architect’s desk lamp can be found on sale for less than one hundred big ones.

Groovy Lava Lamp

Lava lamps are only suited to the tastes of some luxury apartment residents, but they really never go out of style.  If you don’t already have one of those desk or bookshelf trinkets with which you can easily entertain your mind when you absolutely a break from work, investment in a lava lamp may be a great way to kill two birds with one stone.  The lava lamp will also serve as an additional source of mellow light generation.

Himalayan Salt Lamp

Another lighting option that is more soothing than it is brightening is the Himalayan salt lamp. In addition to generating light and adding beauty to a space, a Himalayan salt lamp can actually improve indoor air quality.  This unique lamp, which promote better air quality through natural ionization, are also available in candle holder form for those who prefer candlelight.

Moorish Lamp

The Moorish style, evocative of an Andalusia of centuries past, is one of the most aesthetically pleasing design styles around.  Intricately designed using the finest materials, many Moorish lamps cost thousands of dollars.  Budget Moorish pendant lighting fixtures, which are framed in such a way that they cast beautiful patterns and shadows on the walls around them when lit, can be found for under 00.  Moorish lamp shades, which lend to a different yet still attractive atmosphere, can be found for less than 0.

Moroccan Lantern Candleholder

If you like Moorish lamps and want to extend the use of this theme in your upscale apartment home without breaking the bank, then you should definitely consider a pair of Moroccan lantern candleholders.  A few companies manufacture such lighting fixtures, and they are available in various colors.  You shouldn’t have trouble finding a color and style that work well with your existing design.  Invest in a pair for the bathroom, or consider burning a citronella candle in one on the balcony to fend off the mosquitoes.

Paperclip Lamp

If minimalism or modernism is your thing, and you don’t have a paperclip lamp, then you are behind the times.  Or perhaps you are so entrenched in your minimalist ways that you are one of those people who only has 100 total possessions.  If that’s the case, then good for you.  We support that lifestyle.  But we also support ambient interior lighting, and the paperclip lamp provides apartment dwellers with a sleek, space-efficient, low-maintenance way to illuminate their desks.  Like a paperclip, you can bend this designer lamp any which way you choose.  You can also purchase this LED lamp for right around 00 via various portals on the online marketplace.

Polyresin Feaux Wood

Sturdy, easy to sculpt, and easy to color, polyresin is a durable, low-maintenance material that can be designed to look like fine chestnut, walnunt, or, maple.  The Normande HN1-1482 Flage is just one example of the multitude of fine polyresin lamps available to you for less than a hundred bucks.  This one costs just 7.87 on Amazon.

Rice Paper Mood Lamp

Rice paper lamps are in, as any recent visitor to IKEA is surely aware of.  From lantern floor lamps offering 360 degrees of shade to trendy table mood lamps to balled chandeliers, these inexpensive, subtle lighting fixtures are a great way to improve the lighting in your home.

Bonus: Lampshade Makeover

If you’ve been counting, then you know that lamp number eight has already come and gone.  For the super creative types among our readership, I’ve decided to throw in another option: the DIY lampshade makeover project.  With a little bit of creativity, an hour or two of your time, and 0 or 0 worth of materials, you can craft a beautiful lampshade that is tailored to your design tastes.  Pick up some styrene and glue from an arts and crafts supply store, and affix any type of linen, cotton, or silk fabric that you would like to use to the back of the styrene.  Personalize the lampshade with any design accessories that catch your fancy or that you already have at home.

Will Ferrell fans rejoice, as the legend of Ron Burgundy has not yet been entirely written.  is scheduled to hit theaters on December 20, and cultish fans of the first film are sure to have more lines such as “I love lamp,” “You know I don’t speak Spanish,” and “60 percent of the time, it works every time” to quote.  If you need your fix in the meantime, channel it into design, by purchasing an affordable new lamp to love in your AMLI apartment.  Live life.  Love life.  Love lamp.  AMLI.

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