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Inspiration for Your Spring Dining Room Table Centerpiece
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Inspiration for Your Spring Dining Room Table Centerpiece

Feb 27th, 2015

As the green of freshly sprouting leaves overtakes the white of snow as the most prominent seasonal feature of the landscape around you, it’s time to start thinking about how you want to change your apartment decor this spring. One easy way to make a big impact in your dining room is to reinvent your table centerpiece.

Not exactly an expert on table centerpieces? Don’t worry. Here are a few easy, spring-appropriate centerpiece and tablescape ideas that can get your DIY decor juices flowing.

Wrap Up a Vase

Do you have a vase that you love but use far too often as a table centerpiece? If you alter its exterior appearance, you can use the same one over and over again. Wrap your favorite vase with wrapping paper, wide ribbons, or shrink-wrap decorative case sleeves that match the flowers you’re storing with it. Even subtle changes in appearance will keep frequent dinner guests oblivious to the fact that you are using the same vase. If anyone does start to suspect and inquires about it, they’ll likely be impressed by your clever creativity.

Use Fresh Flowers for Table Centerpieces

Nothing suggests spring is here quite like a colorful arrangement of fresh flowers. This is probably why flowers are incorporated into just about every spring table centerpiece idea you find. Purple, pink, yellow, orange, and white flowers of all varieties can do the trick, provided they match the rest of your dining room tablescape.

Do you grow your own flowers or herbs? Save energy, money, and time by incorporating them into your centerpieces when you’re inspired. A key to keep your dining room decor sharp all season is to change out the flowers whenever they start to wilt. This is a project that should rarely take more than five minutes and can make a huge difference.

Substitute Rocks for Soil

River rocks have a neat, clean, and naturally aesthetic appeal. For clear centerpiece containers used to display flowers, bamboo, and other plant life, pile rocks in the bottom of the container for an added element of beauty.

Build Up Your Centerpiece

Long-stemmed floral centerpieces (we’re talking two feet or higher here) are a great way to make a decorative splash in the dining room. Long-stemmed lilies, willow branches, and other tall centerpieces capture attention and allow you to overlook other elements of your dining room tablescape for a quick, easy, and successful decorating project.

Doll Up Place Settings

If you want your dining room table to look like it’s ready to host a fancy occasion at all times, design place settings that lend elegance to your tablescape. Napkins wrapped with burlap-and-freesia complement an array of designs, and the freesia adds hints of olfactory spring beauty. For Easter, you can even cut and mold bunny ears from burlap to wrap around your napkins. Lavender is a great complement to white dishware that also brings a nice scent to the table.

Do you have a bit more direction for your next dining room table centerpiece? Allow yourself to get creative, and have fun while decorating. Just remember you don’t have to spend much money to change your apartment decor.

If it’s still quite chilly where you live, brave the weather by reminding yourself spring is so close you can start decorating for it now. Get out your shears, fabric, and glue, and make an effort to work on your spring apartment makeover. It will show in your centerpiece and other decor.

Do you have tips for someone looking to design the perfect table centerpiece for spring? Share them in the comments!

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