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Use these space illusion tips to make your rooms seem bigger.
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4 Space Illusion Tricks to Make Your Apartment Look Bigger

Feb 7th, 2017

Whether you’re living in a small apartment because it’s a better fit for your budget, due to the location or because you’re on board with the small home living trend, you don’t want your apartment to feel or look cramped. There are many decorating tips you can implement to increase the visual spaciousness of your apartment.

Furniture Selection

People tend to think that a small apartment requires small pieces of furniture. To make rooms appear more spacious, it’s best to include a few average size pieces of functional furniture than lots of small accent pieces. Tables with an open base work well because light can pass through the base creating an illusion of space. Accent tables with mirrored surfaces are a good choice for a small bedroom or living room.


Using minimal window treatments so that natural light can flow into a room will make your small apartment look larger. If natural light is limited, you can strategically place lighting so that dark corners become illuminated spaces. Explore the extensive lighting options available and include floor lamps, under cabinet lighting, wall mount lighting, track lights or whatever type of lighting is a functional or decorative addition to your apartment.


Mirrors, such as those you can get at Glasshopper Schor Glass, are one of the best decorative accessories for a small apartment. Hanging a wall mirror in a location where it can reflect a view of nature can visually expand your space and function as a piece of wall art. When decorating, make the mirror and the lighting in your apartment work together to get the maximum benefit from both. One good idea that you can try doing is buy turning one wall of a common area, like the dining room, into one giant mirror so that the space visually looks like it is double the size.

Limit Accessories

Clutter will make a small space look even smaller than it is. It’s best to select a few impressive accessories rather than to include a lot of decorative items in your décor. Keep in mind that accessories with a brass or silver finish will reflect light and support the illusion of space.

By implementing a few simple decorative ideas, your small apartment can look and feel much more spacious than it really is. Not only that, but it will have more personality as well.

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