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Green Living

North Point Apartments Designed for LEED

May 14th, 2012

As a newly built community, AMLI North Point Apartments in Alpharetta, Georgia take the extra step to conserve the environment. By pursuing the LEED Certification, AMLI North Point Apartments not only seek to optimize the environmental impact, but deliver energy savings to its residents. The United States Green Building Council developed the LEED certification, which AMLI North Point Apartments is aimed at qualifying for. It will help us ensure a standard of green living that residents of AMLI North Point Apartments can enjoy, uphold and value. Some of the ways that AMLI North Point Apartments accomplishes this is through environmentally conscious design elements in the building of the complex and elevating energy efficiency in everyday living.


AMLI North Point Apartments uses “green” building best practices to establish a smaller carbon imprint and a greater environmental impact as well as create a beneficial living environment for our residents. During the building process of AMLI North Point Apartments, we not only used recycled materials, but also recycled excess waste. By using low-VOC paints and employing a no indoor smoking policy, AMLI North Point Apartments design can improve indoor air quality.


We designed the new AMLI North Point Apartments to achieve energy efficiency through maintaining water efficiency, employing and encouraging resource management techniques such as recycling and providing energy efficient appliances in each apartment unit. We’re proud that AMLI North Point Apartments provides opportunities for water efficiency in all apartment units. The dual-flush toilets help residents of AMLI North Point Apartments save on water costs as well as aid in water conservation efforts. AMLI North Point Apartments is designed to take extra steps to save water by using water conserving plumbing fixtures.


AMLI North Point Apartments also encourages green living through the community recycling center. By doing so, AMLI North Point Apartmentsempowers residents to reduce, reuse and recycle whenever possible and reduce the amounts of waste going to landfills every month.


AMLI North Point Apartments employs the best of energy and resource efficiency in the apartment appliances. The Energy Star appliances that come in every AMLI North Point Apartment reduce emissions while lowering water and electricity bills. Similarly, AMLI North Point Apartments use solar shades to optimize heating and cooling systems during cold and warm weather months. Programmable thermostats help residents to efficiently use energy by tailoring air conditioner and heat usage to their schedules.


As an apartment complex pursuing LEED certification, AMLI North Point Apartments in Alpharetta, GA seeks to make an impact on conserving the environment as well as helping residents live a green and healthy life they love. AMLI North Point Apartments is currently pre-leasing and will be open soon. For more information about joining in this community, visit AMLI’s website or contact the leasing office at (678) 270-9990.

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