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How to Keep Your Dog Safe and Comfortable on Moving Day
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How to Keep Your Dog Safe and Comfortable on Moving Day

Apr 17th, 2015

You’ve been so busy packing bags and labeling boxes you haven’t had much of a chance to prepare your dog for the big move. Just as moving to a new apartment can be stressful for us two-legged folk, it can also take its toll on a pet’s attitude and demeanor.

To keep your dog happy, healthy, safe, and comfortable before, during, and after your next move, heed the following advice.

Know Apartment Rules and Regulations

Hopefully it worked out for you to move into one of the most pet-friendly apartments you toured while searching for a new place. Even if this is the case, you should take a close look at the policies and guidelines governing pet ownership in your new apartment community.

If you’re relocating to a new city, you’ll also need to find a new veterinarian. Request copies of your pet’s veterinary records and research municipal and state regulations on pet registration and inoculations.

Make Preparations for Transporting Your Dog

Preparations for transporting your pet vary based on the mode of transport you opt for. If you’re just moving across town and have a car your dog is used to riding in, you should have it pretty easy. With boxes and furniture shifting around, your pet may seem more anxious than usual. A t-shirt that smells like you and one of your dog’s favorite toys will help your dog remain calm.

If you’re driving a long distance or moving via train or plane, you’ll have to take more precautions. Research rules and restrictions, and seek out advice from others you know who have traveled with their pets. Regardless of the mode of transport you take, a comfortable pet carrier and access to food and water are essential.

Lend Out if Possible, Confine as Necessary

Are you moving to a new apartment nearby? If you’re lucky enough to have a friend who loves your dog and won’t mind watching him or her for a day, this can make your move considerably less stressful. If your dog has had good experiences at a nearby kennel or day care center, this is another route you can take. Without your dog roaming around your apartment and barking for attention, you should be able to unpack and settle in with fewer interruptions.

If your dog will be in your apartment while you move in, try to create a comfortable space for him or her as far from the front door as possible. This will (hopefully!) keep the constant opening and closing of the door from overexciting your pet. If necessary, confine your dog to a crate or in a room.

Keep Toys and Treats on Hand

It’s not something you want to get in the habit of doing, but spoiling your dog a little more than usual on moving day can help the day go smoother. Don’t pack your pet’s very favorite toys. Keep them on hand to divert your dog’s attention whenever things get chaotic. It could also be helpful to give your dog a few more treats than usual.

Slowly Socialize Your Dog

Dogs adapt to new surroundings at different paces. Get a feel for how comfortable your furry friend feels in your new apartment off the bat, and introduce your dog to new people and places accordingly. If he or she seems ready for it, take your dog for a short walk around your new neighborhood. Help your dog with the adjustment by sticking to the routine he knows as best as possible.

Even if you waited until the eleventh hour to make canine-related preparations for your big move, there’s no reason to fret. Just follow this advice and try to remember moving can be stressful for pets too. Good luck!

What do you think is important in keeping your dog comfortable during a move to a new apartment?

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