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Monitor Your Pets Health With Whistle | AMLI Residential

Jul 9th, 2013

Activity monitoring and health tracking devices have been all the rage of the app-based world over the past couple of years, and they’re not going anywhere.  They allow us to monitor our progress as we work toward out fitness goals, push ourselves to the limits, and even compete with friends.  Now, a new device is about to be released that is more or less comparable to FitBit and Jawbone, two of the most popular fitness bracelets in use today.

What is Whistle?

Whistle is a small, disc-shaped device that  fits onto a dog’s collar and tracks his or her activity all day and all night.  From playtime in your pet friendly apartment home to walks in the park and mid-day snoozes, this device will keep you in the know concerning how much exercise and rest your pet is getting.

How Does it Work?

Using state-of-the-art accelerometer technology, Whistle detects your dog’s movements and generates reports accordingly.  The technology used in this device can flawlessly distinguish between various activities, including walking, running, and playing.  By inputting your pet’s unique personal statistics, including age, breed, height, and weight, you can set and track goals that are specifically railored to your dog’s needs.  The reports generated will help you identify trends in your dog’s behavior, and the companion smartphone app will alert you of any changes in your dog’s behavior that may be of concern to you.  The app and the device are integrated seamlessly, and can even be made available to your dog’s veterinarian.

Why Should I Train My Dog with Whistle?

The goal of the Whistle pet monitoring device is to add years to a dog’s life, and what pet owner doesn’t want precious extra months or years with a healthy, happy pet?  The device will encourage you to encourage your dog to live a healthier lifestyle, and can help you identify health problems that, when addressed early on, are easier and less expensive to address.  The app also make it easy for you to see how much time you spend with your pet, and help you achieve that long-term goal of spending more waking hours with your most loyal companion.  In the long run, the app is likely to save you far more money than it costs to purchase. It may even help you improve your fitness.

How do I Buy Whistle?

At this time, Whistle is available for pre-order online exclusively at  The cost is 9.99.  The device and its accompanying smartphone app are set to be released this summer.  Order today, and it should arrive at your pet friendly apartment home door by the time the summer heat dies down and exercising outside during the daytime becomes comfortable.

At AMLI Residential, we understand the value and symbiotic benefits of pet ownership.  Most of our luxury apartment communities are pet friendly, and many of them offer pet spas in addition to outdoor space where you and your pet can play.  If anything changes in your relationship with your pet after you get Whistle, it will be for the better.  You may spend more time together, and the quality of life that each of you enjoys will be given a boost.  While this app may not be ideal for all pet owners, it is something that you should definitely consider if you are looking to Live Life + Love Life to the fullest with your beloved dog in your pet friendly apartment home.

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