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Pet of the Month- Florida's Social Butterfly Orville
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Pet of the Month: Florida's Social Butterfly Orville

Apr 14th, 2016

Meet Orville, a Maltipoo from South Florida who loves giving kisses, playing with his fur-pals, and brightening up everyone’s day.

Orville easily captured the hearts of judges in the AMLI Paw-parazzi Pet Photo Contest and secured himself a regional win.

We caught up with his human, Laura Knight, to find out more about his life in South Florida.  There’s more to him than just looking cute. Read on to get the scoop on Orville’s affectionate spirit and AMLI play dates.

Tell us about Orville.

Orville is a one-year-old Maltipoo. (Editor’s note: He just celebrated his birthday on March 28!)

Is he your first pet of this kind?

He is my first Maltipoo. I had heard how smart and loving they were and knew that I had to have one! He’s also hypoallergenic which is great too.

How did you decide to get him?

I decided to get him when I had to move to Miami by myself, away from all my friends and family. I knew he would be the perfect companion for me.

Does Orville know any tricks?

He knows lots of tricks! He can sit, shake, stay, leave it, and go to his “place.” We’re working on some others right now, too.

What are his favorite games? Treats? Pastimes?

Orville’s favorite game is fetch. He loves to chase after his toys (his favorite toy is a turtle) and bring them to me. His favorite treats are bison and chicken jerky. He loves to go for walks to the AMLI Paw Park where he plays with his best friends: Simba, Roo, Sophie, and Sunny. They all love playing together!

Is Orville more affectionate or an independent sort?

He is definitely a momma’s boy! He is very affectionate and loves giving kisses to everyone he meets. He is very social, loves attention, and enjoys making humans (especially tiny ones) smile!

If he could talk, what would he tell us about you?

If Orville could talk, I think he would tell me he loves me (ha!), that he wants to go on more walks, and spend more time socializing with his furr-friends at the dog park. He would also tell me to give him more treats!

What’s Orville’s favorite part about living at AMLI?

He loves living at AMLI because all of his friends live here too! He gets to see them everyday at the AMLI Paw Park, where they roughhouse and chase each other. Orville also loves how friendly all the humans at AMLI are! He loves going to the office to get packages, mail, and seeing everyone who works there. He loves to brighten everyone’s day!

Orville wanted me to tell everyone at AMLI thank you for making him feel so special. He can’t wait to get his Bark Box!

Stay tuned as the Pet of the Month series continues in May.

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