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Pet of the Month- Denver's Blue-Eyed Duo Parker and Juice
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Pet of the Month: Denver's Blue-Eyed Duo Parker and Juice

Jun 16th, 2016

Say hello to Parker and Juice. These two furballs won the hearts of our AMLI Paw-parazzi judges with their dapper attire and sweet faces.

We caught up with their human, Courtney Hall, to find out more about their lives at AMLI. They are complete opposites, but absolutely love each other. Read on to get the scoop on Juice and Parker’s life in Denver, their different personalities, and who’s really a mama’s boy.

Tell us about Parker and Juice.

Parker is a 2-year-old male Miniature Australian Shepard. His coloring is blue merle and he has beautiful blue eyes. Juice is a 6-year-old male Miniature Dachshund. His coloring is black and tan dapple and he has one blue eye and one brown eye.

Are they your first pets of this kind?

They are not our first dogs. We have both grown up with dogs our whole lives.

How did you decide to get them?

We decided to get Parker after meeting a Miniature Australian Shepard at a furniture store in Denver. We liked that puppy so much, we contacted the same breeder and ended up with Parker. I decided to get Juice after being around other dachshunds and loving their quirky personalities.

Do they know any tricks?

Parker knows how to sit, he plays hide-and-seek, and he is a very good listener. Juice knows how to sit, shake, and “groundhog,” which means he sits up on his back legs on command!

What are their favorite games? Treats? Pastimes?

Parker is an avid hiker and loves spending time in the mountains. He absolutely loves his brother, Juice. Juice loves to hang out under the blankets and sleep. He also loves to swim and take baths. Juice is on a diet so he is ALWAYS hungry. He will eat just about anything.

Is Parker more affectionate or an independent sort? What about Juice?

Parker knows which parent to come to, depending on what he wants. If he is looking for cuddle time, he comes to his mom. If he is looking to play, he goes to his dad. He is a herding dog so he is always at our heals. Juice is a big cuddler and a mama’s boy.

If Juice could talk, what would he tell us about you? What about Parker?

If Juice could talk, he would probably say he wishes he had more treats. If Parker could talk, he would say he is very excited to make people happy and he knows that his parents love him more each day.

What is Juice and Parker’s favorite part about living at AMLI?

Parker’s favorite part about living at AMLI is the dog park and Juice’s favorite part is the Puppy Pool Party!

Stay tuned as the Pet of the Month series continues in July.

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