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Pet of the Month: Houston's Playful Stella
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Pet of the Month: Houston's Playful Stella

Jul 21st, 2016

Meet Stella from Houston. She loves sleeping in awkward positions and hates to miss out on anything.

Stella captured the hearts of judges in the AMLI Paw-parazzi Pet Photo contest with her cute, napping face and secured a regional win.

We caught up with her human, Gira Desai, and got the scoop on her life at AMLI. Read on to find out more about Stella’s playful spirit and what her favorite things are.

Tell us about Stella.

Stella Desai-Wieczorek is a one-year-old (she celebrated her birthday March 15, 2016) sheepdog Labrador mix.

Is she your first pet of this kind?

This is my fiancé’s (Aaron) and my first puppy together.

How did you decide to get her?

We always wanted a dog but had a long-distance relationship. Within a month of being in the same city, we could not wait! We visited a few rescues and had all these ideas of the breeds we wanted. But then Aaron saw Stella and her siblings on a Free Puppies ad on Craigslist. She isn’t any of the breeds we thought we wanted, but it was love at first sight! Stella was an accidental puppy born on a farm outside Houston. When we visited her, she was very sweet and running around with pigs, horses, and chickens. We knew she was the one!

Does Stella know any tricks?

She sits and shakes before she gets a treat! We’re working on her other puppy training tricks like heel and down.

What are her favorite games? Treats? Pastimes?

Stella loves to play tug of war, chew things when no one is looking, eat peanut butter, and nap in awkward positions. Her favorite thing in the world is being around other animals to cuddle and play with.

Is Stella more affectionate or an independent sort?

She has a bad case of FOMO! She needs constant affection and hates being alone.

If she could talk, what would she tell us about you?

Stella would probably say Aaron and I love her very much, but sometimes we can be a bit embarrassing.

What’s Stella’s favorite part about living at AMLI?

She loves the AMLI dog park! Also anytime we go to the office, we bring her back a couple treats.

Stay tuned as the Pet of the Month series continues in August.

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