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Pet of the Month- Oscar, the Grand Prize Winner of AMLI Paw-parazzi
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Pet of the Month: Meet Oscar, Chicago's Fist-bumping Dog

Jan 14th, 2016

It goes without saying, we love our pets. So when we asked our residents to submit photos of their pets living and loving life at AMLI, they jumped at the chance. While we were a bit distracted by all the cuteness, you could easily see the love our residents had for their four-legged friends, and how much these fur-residents truly enjoyed their AMLI homes.

Last month we introduced our new Pet of the Month series and it continues today with Oscar, our AMLI Paw-parazzi Pet Photo Contest grand prize winner. We talked with Oscar’s human, Marybeth, and got the scoop on this fabulous furball. From fist bumping to playing dead, we’d say Oscar is one tricky dog!

Tell us about Oscar.

Oscar is an eight-month-old, male, Cavachon: Half King Charles Cavalier Spaniel, half Bichon Frise.

Is he your first pet of this kind?

Oscar is the first Cavachon we have ever had! He is my first dog ever, but my husband had three collies over the years.

How did Oscar become part of your family?

Originally, my husband and I wanted to get a King Charles Cavalier puppy since they are small, sweet dogs that do well in apartments. My parents, however, are allergic to dogs, so we looked into hypoallergenic mixed King Charles Cavalier breeds.  After looking into Cavachon, Cavapoo, and Cavanese breeds, we decided to get Oscar the Cavachon.

Does he know any tricks?

Oscar absolutely loves tricks and he is a very fast learner.  He can sit, lay down, shake hands, roll over, high-five, spin, fist bump, play dead, jump, speak, beg, walk backwards, stand, twirl or walk on his hind legs, and more.

What are his favorite games? Treats? Pastimes?

Oscar’s favorite games are keep-away, chasing lasers, and tug-of-war. When he’s bored, he also likes to play fetch with himself by throwing his toys and then retrieving them. Oscar loves all treats, but his favorite is the soft, chewy kind. As for pastimes, he enjoys squeezing into small spaces, digging in the sand, hiding his bones, and licking everyone in sight.

Is he more affectionate or an independent sort?

Oscar is extremely affectionate and loves people and dogs. He is known for being a licker, with his “lizard” like tongue that always seems to reach your face when you least expect it! He hates being alone and cries every time he is left behind. He has grown to despise the word “bye” because of his fear of solitude. He doesn’t know the meaning of the word independence- it’s not his strong suit!

If Oscar could talk, what would he tell us about you?

He would tell you his owners vacuum too much, as it is the source of all evil and is the scariest thing in the whole wide world.

What’s Oscar’s favorite part about living at AMLI?

All of his AMLI friends, whether meeting human friends in the elevators or playing with his buddies out on the dog run. Although the occasional treat from the doorman isn’t too shabby either!

Stay tuned as the Pet of the Month series continues in February.

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