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Pet of the Month- Beau
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Pet of the Month: Seattle's Snuggle Buddy Beau

Feb 18th, 2016

When Lara Sepulveda entered her dog, Beau, in the AMLI Paw-parazzi Pet Photo Contest last year, she wrote that he made “AMLI home by getting into the Halloween spirit and chewing on a pumpkin of course!” The accompanying picture showed Beau posing adorably, pumpkin in paw, which immediately won the hearts of judges and secured himself a regional win.

We caught up with Beau’s human, Lara, to find out more about his life in Ballard, a cozy little neighborhood in the northwest of Seattle. Read on to get the scoop on Beau’s couch snuggling, rise of Instagram stardom and AMLI Mark 24 play dates.

Tell us about Beau.

Beau was born July 6, 2015 and is a male Golden Retriever.

Is he your first pet of this kind?

As pet owners, yes. However, I grew up with a Golden Retriever and a German Shepherd, but Beau is the first for my partner Alex.

How did you decide to adopt him?

We first looked at rescues and shelters every weekend for about a month but we couldn’t find the right fit. We decided to get a puppy so we could raise him to be the dog we’ve always wanted. We visited two litters before Beau’s. When we got there, I was the first to pick him up and I couldn’t let him go. I instantly knew he was supposed to be ours. I get excited and butterflies in my stomach every time I think of the first day we met him.

Does Beau know any tricks?

He knows how to sit, down, shake and…bark.

What are his favorite games? Treats? Pastimes?

Beau loves his rubber Piglet and playing fetch in the apartment (don’t worry, we don’t have downstairs neighbors!). His favorite treat is Tricky Treats, liver flavor. We love to take him to the Ballard Ballpark where he meets with other dogs from the area and from AMLI Mark 24 as well.

Beau is very affectionate and won’t miss the opportunity to snuggle on the couch with us.

He would tell you he can’t believe everything we do for him to stay still for one photo! He’s on his way to Instagram stardom.

We love living in a community that is so welcoming to pets. We’ve met a lot of other dog owners and have become friends. We love having puppy play dates.

Stay tuned as the Pet of the Month series continues in March.

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