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Seven Green Living Practices that Can Lead to a Healthier Lifestyle
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Green Living

7 Green Living Practices that Can Lead to a Healthier Lifestyle

Dec 11th, 2014

A heightened awareness of our impact on the environment and the knowledge that many green living habits save money have led many of us to adopt sustainable practices.

But did you know adopting green habits can also help you cultivate a healthier lifestyle?

Here are several ways you can simultaneously curb your carbon footprint and improve your health.

Use Eco-Friendly Cleaning Solutions, Breathe Cleaner Air

Caustic cleaning agents are harsh on your apartment’s plumbing, your natural stone countertops, and your hands. Products containing ammonia, chlorine bleach, and other chemicals that evaporate during and after use can also reduce the quality of the air you breathe. Keep your indoor air fresh and healthy by using natural cleaning solutions. By mixing your own solutions using every day items such as baking soda, lemon, vinegar, olive oil and other natural cleaners, you can also save money.

Change Up Your Commute

Another healthy hallmark of sustainable living is the no-emissions commute. If your apartment’s location makes walking or biking to work a feasible option, give it a shot. The health benefits of this green habit are obvious. Many practitioners claim it also helps them arrive at work alert and ready to be productive. If you live somewhere with cold winters but want to get some exercise on your way to work, set a goal to change the way you commute once warmer weather arrives.

Eat Fresh, Local Food

Eating fresh, locally grown food benefits local farmers and indirectly curbs fuel consumption. Since fresh produce tends to be more flavorful than canned or frozen foods and produce, eating locally can help you better enjoy the healthy foods you eat. This, in turn, just might make you want to eat more of them. If you want to live as sustainably as you can, eat locally grown produce and grains whenever available. Your health, the environment, and your local economy will all benefit.

Reduce Bottled Beverage Consumption

Artificial colors and sugars or sugar substitutes make even diet soft drinks something we can all benefit from consuming less of. There’s also the matter of the materials and energy required to make and transport the drink containers. When you do drink water, soft drinks, or beer from cans or plastic bottles, recycle the containers. If you generally have access to filtered water, do yourself and the environment a favor by drinking bottled water only when filtered water is unavailable.

Plant a Garden

Gardening can be fun, therapeutic, and, in some cases, easy. Even if you live in an apartment you can maintain a few indoor plants and cultivate a small herb garden on your windowsill or balcony. Grow your own herbs and vegetables, and you can work more healthy foods into your diet without even trying. Just do your research and choose plants that grow well in your climate and your apartment, and do your best to keep your garden area tidy and pest-free.

Make the Most of Natural Sunlight

When the sun is shining, make the most of it. Open your curtains, turn off your lights, and let the sunlight flood your apartment. This practice is environmentally friendly because it saves energy. And it helps you soak up some of that vitamin D you need to stay happy and healthy.

The trees lining your street may be in their dormant winter state right now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t green up your lifestyle and improve your health. Adopt the green living practices that are compatible with your lifestyle, and you can help make your eco-friendly apartment home even more sustainable. Live Life + Love Life in a sustainable fashion, and feel good while you’re at it!

Can you think of additional green living practices that promote a healthier lifestyle? Share them in the comments!

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