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Seven Halloween Decor Projects to Spookify Your Apartment
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Seven Halloween Decor Projects to Spookify Your Apartment

Oct 2nd, 2015

Boo! Halloween has crept up on us again. If you plan to throw a Halloween party in your apartment or you just love the holiday and want to deck your halls with decor that will make visiting friends and family scream, we have some inspiration for you.

Make your apartment a scary Halloween hideout with these creative and spooky DIY decor projects.

Halloween Door Mat

Show guests Halloween is one of your favorite holidays before they even step through the front door. Using craft stencils, tape, and textile paint, you can give a welcome mat the Halloween decor treatment in almost no time. Create additional seasonal impact by artfully arranging a few pumpkins around the door mat.

Glass Jar Lights

We’ve covered the magic of mason jars before. Halloween is one of the times of year when the versatility of these containers is especially pronounced. Using stencils, paint, markers, and whatever else you feel like, you can transform mason jars of all shapes and sizes into fun Halloween decor. Candle lanterns are one of the most obvious uses. Other applications include utensil holders and treat jars (think candy corn!).

Hanging Bats

Convert your balcony into a bat den for your Halloween party. All you need for these DIY Halloween bats is black craft foam, plastic ice, glue, and fishing line. They take almost no time to make, and are easy enough for the kids to help you with.

Wall Spiderweb

If you plan to throw any kind of boo bash this Halloween, some faux spiderwebs are essential. The stretchable cotton cobwebs that have been around for ages can still be found and will do the trick. There are, however, several other ways to mimic spiderwebs on a grand scale. One calls for just a ball of yarn and double-sided tape. Another option we like requires just scissors, tape, and black plastic garbage bags.

Giant Spider

What good is a decorative spiderweb without an eight-legged freak to invoke the heebie jeebies? As is the case with the spiderwebs, there are several ways you can go about crafting a giant spider. The trash bag tarantula can be made with plastic garbage bags and newspaper. Another giant spider requires a milk jug, pipe insulation, and black tape.

Lawn Ghosts

A slightly more time-consuming project that will absolutely pay off is the illuminated ghost garland. Perfect for your apartment balcony, this luminous decoration calls for thread, white cloth, white lantern lights, scissors, and a black marker. If you want some larger ghastly decorations in your apartment this Halloween season, these easy DIY mylar-ball0on-and-cheesecloth ghosts should do the trick.

Halloween Window Silhouettes

If you want others to see you’re in the Halloween spirit, but don’t have a lawn or balcony to decorate, try using window decals and window silhouettes. Pre-cut silhouettes can be found at party supply stores, but you can also make your own window decorations using cardboard or butcher paper. Jack o’lanterns, spiders, mice, and witches on broomsticks are some classic Halloween silhouettes. Make sure to use an adhesive that won’t leave marks on your windows.

Now that you have some ideas for this year’s Halloween decor, it’s time to set up your craft table and stream “Monster Mash.” The more fun you have decorating your apartment, the spookier and more exciting it will be for guests.

What are some easy DIY Halloween decorations you’ve made in the past? Share your favorites in the comments.

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