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Six Tips to be Green in the Kitchen
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Green Living

Six Tips to be Green in the Kitchen

Jan 7th, 2016

If you’re like many modern apartment dwellers, you’re always looking for ways to live a greener lifestyle. One effective strategy for keeping your at-home footprint to a minimum is to focus on ways you can save water in each room. As a room where a lot of water and energy tend to be used, the kitchen is great to start with. Here are some eco-friendly tips you can use to start living green in the kitchen.

Use Appliances Wisely

If you live in an apartment with energy-efficient appliances, you already have a leg up. Now, all you need to do is make sure you care for and properly run those appliances. For example, challenge yourself to run the dishwasher just once every two or three days, depending on the size of your household and how much you eat at home. Make sure the dishwasher is nearly full before running it.

Buy Local

Food miles are something we’ve really started to factor into the sustainable farming and eating equation. Shopping at farmers’ markets, joining a community supported agriculture (CSA) co-op, and buying produce directly from a farmer are ways you can ensure the food you enjoy hasn’t traveled thousands of miles to get to you.

Don’t Shy from Bulk

Not everyone has the luxury of space, especially when you live in an apartment. If you have a large pantry or ample fridge and cabinet space, buy foods you eat a lot of in bulk. Yes, you’ll save money. But you’ll also help save plastic and other food packaging materials. And by making fewer trips to the grocery store, you’ll also save time and energy.

Capitalize on Glass Jars

Tupperware has been a godsend to families who like leftovers, but those plastic food storage containers are terrible for the environment. It can be hard to find replacement containers for some Tupperware shapes and sizes. A great alternative is mason jars, which come in a range of sizes and are a much greener option for food storage. Start rinsing and reusing glass jars and other durable containers to wean yourself off of your dependence on Tupperware storage solutions.

Clean with Natural Cleaning Products

White vinegar, baking soda, lemon juice, and olive oil can make your kitchen shine as clean and bright as most commercial cleaning agents on the market. Avoid cleaning products containing ingredients that are hard on your skin, the air quality in your apartment, and the environment. You probably have some of the above items already. If not, try using all-natural green cleaning supplies.

Say Goodbye to Plastic

Plastic sandwich bags and wrap are two convenient food storage solutions. But using three or four plastic bags for your lunch every day generates a lot of plastic waste. If you’re going to use plastic, try to stick to reusable bags and other types of plastic already around. Purchase plastic bottles of drinking water and soda only when you have no other choice. Once you have these habits down, start paying attention to product packaging. When possible, avoid food items wrapped in excessive quantities of plastic.

Do you feel ready to live the most eco-conscious life you can realistically swing in your apartment? Hopefully these tips will help you make a difference in the kitchen. For more eco-friendly apartment living tips, keep your eyes peeled for our green living series.

What tips and tricks do you have living green in the kitchen? Share them in the comments.

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