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Simple Summer Decorating Tips for Your Upscale Apartment

Jun 20th, 2013

Take a look outside. It’s going to be a sunny day.  Even if today isn’t sunny, you know that a sunny day will be here soon because it’s summer.  It’s time for barbecues and boating, tan lines and outdoor cocktail parties.  If your upscale apartment home interior is looking as drab as this past winter did, then it’s also time to inject some new life into its design.  There are several approaches that you can take when carrying out a mid-summer decorating overhaul, but here are a few projects that you may wish to consider.  We recommend preparing a batch of cool lemonade, doing some basic cleaning, and putting your creativity to the test!

Get Organized

At this point, your exhaustive spring cleaning efforts are probably showing some signs of wear.  Why not make things easier on yourself next spring by doing some touch-up organizing and cleaning now? This summer, as consumers seek increasingly minimalistic lives,  home decluttering is in.  Go through and separate what stays from what goes in every storage area in your home, paying particular attention to the bookshelves.  Once you have finished, invest in a clean-lined painting or bookshelf knick-knack to reward yourself for your hard work and enliven the area you have just cleaned. You can also use lemons that are leftover from preparing your lemonade to make  effective, eco-friendly cleaning agents that you can use on your counters and floors.

Introduce Flowers

Real, fake, and everything in between—flowers are synonymous with summer decor.  Visit your favorite florist to find out which of your favorite flowers can thrive in your apartment living room, bathroom, or kitchen, and create an arrangement that every guest you invite into your home will appreciate.  Don’t have the time or the energy required to maintain flowers?  Some faux flowers look pretty genuine, and can be used in your upscale apartment home’s decor season after season after season.  Something else to watch out for: floral patterns on rugs, curtains, bedding, table dressings, etc.

Go Modern

Clean, straight lines will work with your recently decluttered space to give off the impression that you have got your life in order.   Even if you consider yourself to be very traditional, one modern light fixture or work of art may be the perfect finishing touch for your living room.  If the room you are redecorating already has a lot of color, go with black or grey steel.  Otherwise, choose a bright red, yellow, or blue to bring some color into a more muted design scheme.  And if you want whatever new décor you introduce to your upscale apartment home to have floral undertones, fear not.  Many craft makers and textile manufacturers have already figured out how to fuse flowers with modern design. 

Create More Light

Could your living room use another lamp or two?  How about your bedroom?  Don’t limit the volume of light you enjoy this summer to that which is afforded by the extra hours of natural light that will percolate in through your windows as the days grow longer.  Instead, purchase a new lamp set that will make it easier for you to read in your La-Z Boy sofa or tackle a Soduku puzzle in bed before closing your lids for a night of Zs.

Rugs Are In

Floral or otherwise, adorning some of your apartment’s floor space with an aesthetically pleasing rug is a great way to celebrate summer in your home’s design.  Consider an area rug for your living or bedroom or a design-neutral rug to slide under your dining table and chairs.  Another popular trend you may wish to be aware of is that brave apartment dwellers are doing away with their drab bathroom rugs in favor of rugs.  Now this is a great opportunity to integrate flowers into your apartment’s décor, but consider other options as well.  Flowers are nice, but you may find yourself wishing you had gone with something a bit less chipper several months from now.  If you have no qualms about switching out the rug in your upscale apartment bathroom once or twice a year, then feel free to ignore that advice. � 

Thinking you should make some changes to your luxury apartment home’s design, but not feeling any of those featured above?  Don’t fret, there are plenty of great interior decorating tips available for free online. Browse the web, and be sure to check back here for more great decorating tips for your upscale apartment in the future. Until then…

Live life + Love life. AMLI.

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