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Small Space Living- Six Studio Apartment Storage Solutions
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Small Space Living: 6 Studio Apartment Storage Solutions

Jan 15th, 2016

Just because you live in a studio apartment doesn’t mean you have to axe your possessions until you’re living with nothing but a mattress and an iPad. As long as you organize your apartment wisely and invest in a few space-saving items, you should be able to keep all your shoes and wear them, too. Here are several studio apartment storage solutions to consider.

Dual-Purpose Furnishings

Since your studio apartment is not actually going to get any larger, the easiest way to make the most of your space is to focus on maximizing functionality from the square footage you have. Storage ottomans are a classic example of dual-purpose furnishings that can hold (and hide) your stuff without taking up apartment space specifically for that purpose. Hollow bar stools and couches, chests as coffee tables, and under-bed storage are other examples of effective dual-purpose furnishings for studio apartments.

Baskets, Bins, Boxes

Baskets, decorative bins, and boxes are all types of storage containers that can add to the design of a room. Rustic baskets and ornate pottery can be used to store and display fruits, vegetables, and spices in the kitchen. Boxes fit nicely in entertainment center cubbies and on bookshelves for a finished look that is clean and organized.

Open Storage Shelving

Unlike cupboards and covered shelves, open storage shelving doesn’t cut into the feel of a room’s size. While you’ll almost certainly want some closed storage options, open shelving for housing aesthetically pleasing items is another smart studio apartment storage solution.

Hanging and Mounting

Wall-mounted bicycle storage and hanging shoe racks are two out-of-the-box ways to store items without using up precious floor space. Depending on the design scheme you’re going for, a nice vintage bicycle or well-curated bookshelf can even serve as the focal point or major component of a room’s decor.

Pack and Stack

If you have deep closets or spacious cupboards, clear plastic bins or other stackable organizers can help you get the most from your studio’s vertical space. Stacked bins can even work in unenclosed spaces when covered by decorative tapestries that suit the design of a room.

Floating Clothing Rack

Ceiling mounted clothes racks are an excellent vertical space storage solution. In addition to getting more room for hanging clothes, you get some extra shelving on top, and – most importantly – bragging rights for having something as unique and awesome as a floating clothing rack.

With some strategic design choices and a few organizational purchases, you’ll be able to fit your whole life into a studio apartment and have a space that truly looks great.

Do you have any small space storage tips for readers? Share with a comment below!

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