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Summer Accessories to Make Your Home Sizzle
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Summer Accessories to Make Your Home Sizzle

Jun 12th, 2015

Summer is right around the corner! As you freshen up your apartment for the season, don’t forget to take a look at your home design. Incorporating bright accessories and accent pieces can breathe new life into your apartment without breaking the bank. Faux trees and plants, mirrors, area rugs, lamps, and artwork can help transform your space from drab to fab in one afternoon.

Getting Started

Look around your home for bare nooks. These areas are perfect for placing a tall tree or plant such as a ficus tree or palm tree. Adding greenery will help fill empty space while adding some lush texture to your room design. Succulents will also add an organic touch with little required maintenance. Consider planting your favorite succulent in a bright colored pot for a whimsical effect.

Add Some Color

One of the easiest ways to decorate for the summer is by adding pops of bright color. Freshen up your furniture by painting an old dresser, table, or cabinet your favorite seasonal color such as teal or coral. In addition, adding a colorful area rug or curtains is a simple fix that brings new life into any space.

Don’t Forget the Mirrors

Mirrors are also a great way to open up a space and give the appearance that you have more square footage than you actually do. If you have a smaller room, consider adding a large mirror to create the illusion of depth. Mirrors should be hung in a spot that highlights something you enjoy looking at like a painting or a crystal chandelier. For even more of a seasonal pop, try adding a beachy, sunburst mirror or a mirror framed in reclaimed wood.

Hang Up Some Artwork

On a similar note, artwork can be an important element to any interior design plan. However, you need to be strategic about selecting a piece that serves as the focal point in your space. When you look for artwork, choose bright, summer colors and then pull the core colors out and spread them throughout your design such as through lamps or throw pillows.

Set the Table

Spruce up your entertainment areas by setting a colorful table. Accent plates or bowls in a bold color or pattern will add summertime flair to your next dinner party. Try mixing bright floral, tropical, or nautical dishes with your everyday dishware to ramp up your seasonal look.

Create a functional and fashionable outdoor entertainment area by choosing seat cushions or accent colors that reflect your indoor accessories. This will create a consistent design throughout your apartment as you head outside during the warmer months.

Switch Up Scents

Create a fresh, summery ambiance in your home by switching out your scented candles or air fresheners. During the warmer months, fill your house with smells such as ocean breeze for a light, airy aesthetic throughout your space.

By switching up a few accessories in your space, you’ll fall in love with your apartment all over again. For more ideas on how to freshen up your home or office design, make sure to follow our CORT Corner blog!

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