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Sustainable Fashion Trends in 2016
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Sustainable Fashion Trends in 2016

Mar 10th, 2016

It’s not uncommon for people today to consider more than aesthetics when choosing clothing and accessories. It’s now commonplace to consider where a garment came from, what chemicals were used in production and even the wages and treatment of the those involved in its manufacture. Hence, the birth of sustainable fashion. For many, making a fashion choice is as much a statement on ethics as anything else. Here are some of the top 2016 trends to keep you on the cutting-edge of style and sustainability.

Faux Fur

For years, animal lovers have dealt with ethical quandaries over whether or not to wear fur. With faux fur that looks great, offers ample warmth, and has the strength to endure year after year of use finally on the market, the material is sure to gain some traction. Look out for designs manufactured by Shrimps, a British brand that’s well ahead of most of its competition in the ethical dressing game.

Eco-Friendly Handbags

It looks like the luxury handbag world is going green this year. Trendsetters like Stella McCartney is already making bags with vegan leather, which they insist looks and feels just like the real thing. Clare V. and Jess Rizzuti are coloring their bags with vegetable dyes and using renewable resources wherever possible in their manufacturing processes.

Recycled Clothing

Vintage clothing sounds more fashionable than recycled clothing because it’s been branded that way, but recycled dresses, pants, and tops can all be very fashionable. Consignment shops are one easy place to find recycled clothing. Rental shops, growing in popularity, are another. Clothing exchange parties may grow in popularity. But there’s something else to look forward to where recycled clothing is concerned: The development of fiber recycling technology that will make it viable to recycle fibers from virtually all clothing materials.

High-End Clothing Rentals

As the new sharing economy presses forward, some sustainable fashion experts expect to see more high-end retail boutiques transform into clothing rental stores. In a world where there’s pressure not to wear the same formalwear twice and to update one’s wardrobe every season, this could pave the way to more sustainable fashion and clothing manufacturing industries.

DIY Clothing

Creative types, especially those interested in fashion and eager to wear one-of-a-kind attire, have been fashioning their own articles of clothing for a very long time. It may not be traditionally thought of as a “green” fashion choice, but tackling a DIY clothing project that re-purposes an old item is definitely a form of recycling.

Ethical Clothing Brand Purchases

If you are going to buy new, focus on brands that are worthy of praise for their design and manufacturing processes, including: Svilu, Kowtow, A Peace Treaty jewelry, Amour Vert, Mina + Olya, and the H&M Conscious Collection.

Are you ready to make 2016 your most ethically fashionable? Tap in to these trends and make a statement sure to impact your friends, family and neighbors. And remember, you can Live Life + Love Life every day just by mindfully choosing what to wear.

Do you see any sustainable clothing trends making it big in 2016? Share your predictions in the comments!

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