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Sustainable Features that Come Standard at AMLI Apartments

Jan 25th, 2018

According to recent market research, a majority of renters value green features and amenities. A full 84 percent of respondents to a 2017 AMLI Residential survey said they consider it important to live in a sustainable environment, and 85 percent said they believed sustainable housing provides health benefits. Another 64 percent of respondents said they’d be willing to pay more to live in an apartment with more green features. If you share their sentiments, you’ll find the AMLI rental experience is particularly amenable to eco-friendly urbanites. Here’s a look at green features you can expect in most AMLI rental apartments, especially those built during the last decade.

High indoor air quality

All AMLI apartment rentals constructed since 2006 have been built to meet LEED Silver standards or higher. This means eco-friendly construction materials and methods, including low-VOC paint, adhesives, sealants, and coatings. Together with Green Label Plus-certified carpet and FloorScore-certified flooring, these practices minimize contaminants introduced to the air in AMLI’s communities. Communal spaces in many AMLI apartments are cleaned using natural, eco-friendly agents, keeping harsh chemicals out of the air. AMLI’s Breatheasy™ communities are smoke-free indoors and out, further improving air quality. Any contaminants that do enter AMLI communities are no match for the premium, upgraded air filters we install in our communities.

Sustainable landscaping

In 2017, the U.S. Green Building Council recognized AMLI Residential as Outstanding Multi-Family Developer of the year. When given this award, AMLI was praised for its 25+ LEED-certified projects and sustainable landscaping practices. Our newest and most recently renovated communities feature suitable, sustainable habitats for native pollinators. The native and adaptive plant species that adorn our communities thrive naturally on their grounds, and tend to use less water. All outdoor maintenance is carried out with the environment in mind.

On-site recycling

AMLI Residential is committed to the “reduce, reuse, recycle” mantra. Our communities facilitate the recycling of all materials accepted by municipal recycling centers. AMLI also promotes diligent recycling habits through contests and other programs.

Energy efficient design and appliances

Responsible energy consumption is a breeze for AMLI apartment residents. Superior insulation, low-e glass windows, and green roofs like AMLI 900’s minimize renters’ climate control needs. Nest Learning Thermostats further curb cooling and heating needs without sacrificing comfort. State-of-the-art, ENERGY STAR-certified appliances and energy-efficient lighting help save even more electricity and gas. WaterSense shower heads, faucets, and toilets are intelligently designed to help residents use less water without cramping their lifestyles.

Eco-friendly transit features

AMLI makes it easy to maintain a light carbon footprint both at and away from home. In order to make electric vehicle ownership easier, near every single one of our newest communities are equipped with EV charging stations. Many communities offer covered bicycle storage and on-site repair shops for bicycle maintenance. Our urban apartment communities have high Walk Scores, and/or are conveniently located to public transit stops. Even some of the community features you might not think of as green have a positive environmental impact. Fitness studios, game rooms, and clubhouses make it possible to work out, watch sports games, and host TV nights without leaving the community grounds.

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