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The Essentials for 2 Bedroom Apartments

Sep 30th, 2012

Moving into a 2 bedroom apartment with a roommate can be such a rewarding experience. Not only will you save money by not living alone, but living with another person can be extremely fun, too! When it comes to 2 bedroom apartments, we’ve compiled a list of must-have items that will make the living experience that much better. Check them out: 1. Permanent Marker A permanent marker? Yep, a permanent marker is necessary so you can label your things. It’s smart to label (and saves the headache) so you and your roommate don’t get things mixed up. A permanent marker also helps you keep tabs on what foods belong to who, what cleaning supplies belong to who, etc. 2. Silverware + Dishes Since you’ll be living with another person, having enough silverware and dishes is key to bring to the new apartment. Along with those kitchen items, a few extra pots and pans is another good choice (that way if you’re both cooking, they’ll be plenty of supplies to be used). Although it does mean more cleaning, as long as you and your roommate clean up after yourselves it’ll be beneficial in the long run. 3. Stereo/iPod Dock No matter what type of device you and your roommate want to get, a stereo, record player or iPod dock is a fun addition to a 2 bedroom apartment. You never know when you’ll have guests over and want to play some music. Not a big fan of music? A pleasant air freshener or unique piece of art is another addition that will liven up your 2 bedroom apartment. 4. Games Speaking of having guests over, more must-haves for 2 bedroom apartments include board games, video games or even just a deck of cards. If you and your roommate have nothing on the calendar, game night can be the ultimate boredom buster. Again, any type of fun and amusing entertainment item is good to have on hand in the common area of 2 bedroom apartments. 5. Additional TV While you’ll most likely want to put a TV in your bedroom, having an additional TV is a good thing to remember when you’re moving into your new apartment. What for? For the living room, of course! You and your roommate can either split the cost of an additional TV, and then when you two move out, someone can pay the remainder to the other so the TV can become their own. Or, if either one of you have an extra TV, make sure you don’t forget it at your prior home so it can be used in a common area. There you have it! While you’ll obviously have more things (furniture, mattress, etc.), these items are always good to stock up on and remember when you’re moving into your new, 2 bedroom apartments. If you and a roommate are looking for 2 bedroom apartments for rent, check out the ones available at an AMLI community near you. What items have found beneficial for living with a roommate?

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