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The Essentials for 3 Bedroom Apartments

Sep 22nd, 2012

Now that we’ve covered essential items for 1 bedroom apartments and 2 bedroom apartments, let’s discuss items that you should consider getting for 3 bedroom apartments. 3 bedroom apartments mean you’re living with two other roommates, so you’ve got to think about sharing space and sharing things with two more people. Living with more than one roommate can be extremely fun, but make sure you have all of the right stuff for comfortable, stress-free living! Here are some of our ideas on necessary items for 3 bedroom apartments: 1. Chore Chart While this item doesn’t sound fun (and we agree), it will keep everyone living in the apartment happy and organized. You don’t want to always be stuck doing the dishes and neither do your roommates. A chore chart can help keep this from happening. It will also help you and your roommates avoid any conflict that might transpire after living together for awhile. You can find pre-made chore charts or make one of your own. Just be sure to discuss all common chores that must take place on a regular basis in the apartment home, such as taking out the trash, vacuuming the common areas, sweeping, mopping, etc. My New Place gives simple instructions for making a chore chart for an apartment home. 2. Bathroom Supplies More than likely in a 3 bedroom apartment, you’re going to share a bathroom with one of your roommates, unless the set up is different. Make sure you split bathroom supplies that both of you will be using on a regular basis — for instance, you can buy all of the necessary cleaning supplies and bath mat while you’re roommate gets the shower curtain, towels and toothbrush holder. Or, you two can just split the cost on all of these items evenly. Either way, you’re going to need to double the amount of bathroom supplies you get since you two will be sharing. 3. Entertainment Rack Now here’s a fun option that three of you can split! You and your roommate will most likely join forces when it comes to a movie and/or video game collection. And you’ll probably want to display this extensive collection proudly in a common area, such as the living room. IKEA, Target and Best Buy are all great places to start when it comes to find the perfect entertainment rack or center for you. 4. Sizable Trash Can & Recycling Bin Three people in an apartment home means three times the amount of garbage and recycling. Before moving in, you’ll want to split a sizable trash can and recycling bin (unless someone already has one from their previous home). Especially if green living is important to you and your roommates, it’s important to get both items and enforce everyone to follow recycling practices correctly. Be sure to learn about AMLI’s Green Scene and the recycling measures and more that we take for our apartment communities. Hopefully this list helps you get prepared for moving in with two other roommates and certain items to think about getting. If you and two roommates are currently searching for 3 bedroom apartments for rent, browse the apartment homes and floor plans available in an AMLI community near you.

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