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Tips for Creating a Chic Gallery Wall in Your Apartment
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Tips for Creating a Chic Gallery Wall in Your Apartment

Jan 29th, 2016

Have you started 2016 off full of energy and vitality? Are you looking to put some of that energy toward a game-changing DIY apartment decor project? With these tips, you can assemble your favorite framed photos and works of art on a gallery wall that will make almost everyone who walks into your apartment stop and stare…in a good way!

Space Matters

The first step in creating a gallery wall in your apartment is to find the right wall. It will help if you already have an idea of how many pieces you’d like to hang and the overall area they’ll take up. There are no hard-and-fast rules that say your gallery wall should start or end a certain number of feet above the ground. Generally speaking, however, your wall should neither extend too high nor too low. It’s also wise to leave at least six inches of free space between the edge of a frame and the furniture nearest the frame.

Color Matters, Too

A menagerie of colors and styles is certainly a popular, and workable, approach to designing a gallery wall. If you’re not going for the “mix it up” design, however, choose a color scheme or palette to work from. The two or three colors you choose should make up the bulk of the art on your wall. They should also match the colors and styles of the furnishings and other decor in the room you’re working on.

Choose Frames Wisely

If you opt for a specific color scheme, the frames you choose don’t necessarily have to adhere to it. They should, however, complement it. Sleek black frames are an example of a frame type that works with almost any color palette. To draw special attention to a particular piece of art on your gallery wall, a work you’d like to serve as something of a focal point, choose a highly decorative frame.

Include Yourself

A gallery wall provides you with an opportunity to tell a story, bring an extra touch of personality to a room’s design, or showcase your own work. Let your personality seep into your gallery wall, as much or as little as you like. One idea is to alternate photos of loved ones with favorite works of art. Another is to hang inspiring photos from your travels, an option that can be ever-changing as you swap out photos seasonally or following new adventures you take.

Done well, creating a gallery wall in your apartment is a DIY project truly worth all the money, time and energy spent. Put thought into the design. Carefully consider space, color, framing and personal touches before you begin, and you’ll end up with stunning results that will elevate your home decor to new heights.

Do you have any tips for creating a gallery wall to share with our readers? Post them in a comment below!

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