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Love and Life Lessons That Dogs Share With Us

May 17th, 2022

It’s true, I’m a dog lover. Maybe even a dog fanatic, but who isn’t these days? Dogs seem to be everywhere now. I see them at Home Depot, and I know they’re not into home improvements. I've even seen them at the Pottery Barn, and yet I know they lack the currency to buy a fancy new dog dish.  In fact, there are many establishments that welcome dog shoppers. Obviously, we enjoy spending more and more of our time with our furry friends. What is it that keeps us so close to them?

What dogs can teach us about life 

I have a few ideas about why we are so intrigued with our canine counterparts. I believe they teach us things about life.  Here is what I have learned so far by watching my dog live his best life.

No bad days

Ever had a horrible day at the office? Or, even the home office? Dogs rarely have bad days. If you haven’t noticed, they are eternal optimists with a “bowl is half-full” kind of attitude. They are always eager to greet us with a big wet kiss. Dogs are excited to see us, whether we have been gone for five days or five minutes. Which is astounding! Who else in our family greets us this way? Dogs are genuinely happy when we walk through the door and greet us with love and loyalty. Dogs want us to know that we can be just as loving as they are. They provide an excellent example of what it means to be a true friend, and they hope that we will go out into the world and emulate their unconditional love.     

Along for the ride

Dogs don’t care where you take them, they just want to go along for the ride. With their head stuck out the window, tongue flapping in the wind, and breathing in the fresh air they are totally absorbed in their surroundings. They appreciate the here and now. They don’t worry about the dust on the furniture or the yard that needs to be mowed because they know how to live in the moment. (Also, because they don’t have opposable thumbs to help with chores.) What they really want us to know is that we need to take time to relax and unwind. That we should enjoy the ride as well. Dogs want us to experience the joy of being present. They know that yesterday is over and tomorrow may never come. They believe that today is the only day that we have and, therefore, we should make the most of it.

Full of it

Dogs are full of it. Energy, that is. They never stop moving. Even old dogs, like my eleven-year-old Lab, still want to go outside and chase tennis balls. Where does all this energy come from? It comes from the dogs’ ability to have fun, no matter what! They love what they do, and they do it with vigor. They want us to know that when we love something we should put our whole heart and soul into it. Whether it’s chasing a fuzzy yellow ball or chasing dreams, working enthusiastically toward something gives us more energy. Dogs know the secret to happiness lies in our ability to follow our true heart’s desire. 

No grudges

Dogs never hold a grudge and excel at forgiveness. No matter what you have done, they do not have the capacity to be mad at you. Even if you come home late. Even if you forget to feed your furry friend. Dogs will forgive you. No matter what. Forgiveness comes naturally to them. They want humans to know that even though we find forgiveness a little more challenging, it is still within us to be just as thoughtful as they are. Naturally, dogs like to joke, “You can’t teach old humans new tricks.” However, they figure that if they can do it, so can we.

Dog’s best friend

Have you ever noticed your dog just watching you? Dogs pay attention to our every move and can interpret what we are going to do, even before we do it. They pay great attention to detail and can pick up on our feelings. They try their best to console us when we are down. They sit vigilantly by our bed when we are feeling ill. And, they will lay their heads on our lap in an effort to comfort us. They protect us mentally and physically. They will go to great lengths to guard us and keep us safe because we are their best friends. They want us to know that it is up to each of us to reach out to our friends in need as well. To console them, lift them up, and protect them doggone it!

I bet you never knew that dogs were so savvy in the ways of the world. They love unconditionally, live in the moment, and find the energy to pull us up when we are down. They are our constant companions and our nighttime guardians. And, they want us to know that all they really want is for us to return these good deeds out in the world. It may sound strange, but dogs are probably the world’s biggest humanitarians! So when I hear people say that this world is going to the dogs, I say, maybe that’s a good thing.

Featured photo courtesy pixabay/tonyminguillon


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Barbara Bauer is a Georgia-based blogger obsessed with inspiring others in the pursuit of self-development. She enjoys exploring the outdoors, drinking way too much coffee, and speaking with a British accent whenever possible.

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