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Design Ideas for 2 Bedroom Apartments

Apr 10th, 2012

When discovering 2 bedroom apartments for your roommate and yourself, next comes the fun part of putting the place together to showcase both of your personalities. 2 bedroom apartments offer a bit more space than a 1 bedroom apartment as it has to cater to two residents so you can really add a lot of different elements to each room.

1. Mix and Match Furniture in 2 Bedroom Apartments

When you move into 2 bedroom apartments with a roommate, you get to combine a lot of your stuff together. Make the living room fun and unique by mixing and matching each piece of furniture you own. Maybe one of you has a funky blue leather chair and the other has a neatly patterned couch? Put them together in the room and see how it looks. You can do this for each room in your 2 bedroom apartment such as the dining room, the hallway and even the outdoor patio or sunroom.

2. DIY Wall Decor for 2 Bedroom Apartments

DIY wall decor for 2 bedroom apartments can be fun projects you and your new roommate can do together. Find ideas off of Pinterest (they’re everywhere) or check out some of your favorite apartment blogs for crafty DIY ideas. Apartment Therapy is a great resource for that.

One fun, easy project for 2 bedroom apartments requires only a liter sized soda bottle, paint and a white canvas to create a beautiful, DIY flower painting. First, get a white canvas, whatever size you want. Then, you’ll need a tube of brown paint and then a tube of any other color paint (preferably a bright color for the flower petals). Paint on a branch of tree. Then, cut the bottom of the soda bottle off as this will be your stamp. Dip the cut off bottom of the bottle into your brightly colored paint and press it on to the stems of each branch. You should then have beautiful flowers making it a welcoming home decor for 2 bedroom apartments.

3. Fun Storage in 2 Bedroom Apartments

While 2 bedroom apartments are sizable for two people living comfortably, there will probably still need to be some room for extra storage. Storage doesn’t have to be ugly, either. Find cool colored plastic containers of different shapes and sizes and stack them on top of each other. You can place these on an open wall in the bathroom or even on the counter top of the kitchen for smaller items in your 2 bedroom apartment. If you need to store bigger items, such as winter coats or holiday decor, stack bigger containers in the back corner of your closet. Great places to shop for fun and colorful containers is The Container Store, Target or Bed Bath & Beyond.

Another option for extra storage in 2 bedroom apartments is to go antiquing at a thrift store or flea market near you. Antique furniture from places like these are usually decently priced and still in great condition. They’re simply just furniture pieces that are not needed anymore! A neat antique armoire or wooden dresser could be a unique addition to a dining room or in the corner of a living room in 2 bedroom apartments. Plus, this adds extra storage in 2 bedroom apartments to hold any extra items you or your roommate might have.

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