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Our Decatur apartments are just a walk away from Decatur Square. This ornate public space surrounded by local restaurants and businesses is decorated with historical fixtures and architecture, as well as modern day sculptures and landscaping. Come to see Decatur's old and new sides blend together among the tapestry of downtown culture.

Things to do


Iberian Pig

0.2 miles from AMLI Decatur

The Iberian Pig has been a Decatur staple for over a decade. This is a place you'll want to bring a friend. First, because the restaurant specializes in tapas and charcuterie. Second, because you'll want someone else to verify that, yes, the food really is that good. You can make up the rest of the reasons as you go. You'll be ordering more small plates than you knew you'd need.


Eddie's Attic

0.1 miles from AMLI Decatur

Live music is easy to come by at Eddie's Attic. You can find local and touring performers on stage almost every night of the week. If tunes of a blues, country and Americana bent are up your alley, Eddie's Attic is calling your name. Stop in for an eclectic variety of newcomers and seasoned stage veterans alike.


Squash Blossom Boutique

0.2 miles from AMLI Decatur

Ever walk into a shop and feel like someone designed the place just for you? Squash Blossom Boutique may be just the home away from home you've been looking for. The wide contemporary garments and accessories here are sourced locally and from afar by the owner and expert staff. Find your next outfit that feels just right or those stylish, one-of-a-kind pieces that complete your latest look.

Visit the namesake park in Decatur's historic Adair Park community.

In addition to being home to many pristine turn of the century Craftsmen bungalows, Adair Park also has a gorgeous park space that bears its name. Find an off-leash dog area, children's playground and ample green space to relax and let loose. While you're there, you can brush up on your history as well. The historic Mary Gay House, Swanton Houston and log cabin are all nearby.

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