6 Useful Smart Home Gadgets for Renters

Smart home technology is revolutionizing the way we engage with and control home appliances, accessories, lighting, and more. Some smart devices and systems require the sort of structural changes and hardwiring that renters should avoid. But the smart home market features plenty of renter-friendly gadgets that facilitate the convenience, savings, and peace of mind for which smart home technology is known. Here are six useful smart-home devices that are unlikely to violate your lease agreement. If there’s ambiguity about whether something could get you into trouble, consult management before installing.
Automation Control Hub
A smart home hub streamlines automated gadgets for easier smartphone or voice control. Today’s […]

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The Art of Upcycling

Just because you’ll no longer wear an old shirt doesn’t mean you should scrap it. That same shirt could help you carry tomorrow’s groceries from the store to your car. Finding innovative uses for goods you no longer need is fun. It’s a creative outlet that benefits the environment and can save you money. And, as of two decades ago, it’s a process we call upcycling.
What is upcycling?
Upcycling is the creative reuse of materials without degrading their composition. Consider an old barn that is about to be demolished. If you salvage a wooden door and assemble a coffee or dining table from it, […]

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Austin: A Pioneer and Model for the Green Building Movement

According to data compiled by ListShack, Austin is the most sustainable large city in the United States. Other ratings rank Portland, San Francisco, and Seattle above the Texas capital, but Austin is never far behind. Regardless of the ranking methodology you find most sound, there’s no denying ATX’s trailblazing role in environmentally responsible, resource-efficient construction. Let’s explore Austin’s enduring green building contributions, vanguard redevelopment projects, and recent green building initiatives.
Birth of a movement
During the early 1970s, Austin’s city planners backed the construction of a controversial nuclear power plant. They justified their support on the grounds that the plant was necessary for […]

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Household Materials You Can Transform into DIY Coasters

Coasters play a key role in protecting hardwood tabletops and other nice surfaces from condensation rings and water droplets. They’re also easy to make. You can craft DIY coasters from a range of materials available for cheap from craft supply stores. If you dabble in DIY decor or other crafting, you likely already have some of them in your apartment. Here’s a list of household items and materials you can upcycle into beautiful DIY coasters.
Clay coaster ideas appear on several DIY craft and home decorating blogs. Depending what you’re aim is, you can purchase clay saucers, buy oven-bake clay, or make clay […]

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Atlanta’s Best Antique Markets and Showrooms

Durably crafted, well-kept antiques are a stylish, sustainable alternative to new apartment furnishings and decor. With the exception of the rarest and most exquisite items, antiques are also more economical. This is particularly true in the Atlanta area, where antiquing is a major, competitive industry. If you’re looking to bring handcrafted elegance, grace, and history into your Atlanta apartment rental, try your luck at these antique markets.

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Antiques & Beyond
This sprawling Cheshire Bridge antique market specializes in high-end antique furnishings and decor. Scour its 25,000 square-foot showroom for rare mid-century modern […]

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