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15 Amazing Mocktails You Can Make At Home

Feb 5th, 2024

Level up your mocktail game with these 15 amazingly fresh and complex drinks, all of which are easy to make right at home. Then, check out the zero-proof rum, gin, whiskey, tequila and aperitif alternatives listed below to make exact replicas of your favorite cocktails!

15 non-alcoholic drinks & 15 zero-proof spirits 

Refreshing and fruity mocktails

Sparkling peach cucumber lemonade

This summery delight blends muddled peaches and cucumber with lemonade and sparkling water for a light and flavorful sip.

Strawberry-basil lemonade

A classic lemonade gets a twist with muddled strawberries and fresh basil leaves, creating a vibrant and aromatic mix.

Watermelon mint lemonade

Refreshingly sweet and cooling, this lemonade combines juicy watermelon, fragrant mint leaves and a squeeze of lime.

Grapefruit kombucha agua fresca

A probiotic boost with a citrusy kick, this agua fresca blends grapefruit kombucha with lime juice, mint and a touch of sweetness.

Mango margarita mocktail

A tropical twist on the classic, this mocktail uses mango puree, lime juice, agave nectar and sparkling water for a tangy and vibrant drink.

Spicy and bold mocktails

Spicy jalapeño ginger Moscow mule

Don't worry, the heat is subtle! Muddle jalapeño and ginger with lime juice and mint, then top with sparkling ginger beer for a zesty and refreshing drink.

Hibiscus ginger spritzer

A vibrant red mocktail packed with antioxidants, this spritz combines hibiscus tea, sparkling water, ginger and a squeeze of lemon for a tangy and bubbly drink.

Bloody Mary mocktail

A savory and satisfying mocktail for brunch, this blend uses tomato juice, celery seeds, horseradish, Worcestershire sauce and a dash of hot sauce for a spicy and savory sip.

Ritual Zero Proof on Instagram: "You know what it is - it's National Bloody Mary Day & THE official cocktail for kicking off ⭐️ Dry January ⭐️ Bloody Mary 2 oz. Ritual Gin Alternative (swap Ritual Tequila for a Bloody Maria) 4 oz. bloody mary mix 2 dashes Worcestershire sauce A few dashes of Tabasco, to taste 2 tsp. prepared horseradish 1 lemon wedge (lime for Bloody Maria) 1 pinch celery salt 1 pinch black pepper 1 pinch smoked paprika Build all ingredients in shaker. Rim glass with lemon or lime and roll in favorite sale. Shake and strain into prepared pint glass with fresh ice. Garnish: your favorite snacks and veggies. STOCK UP FOR DRY JAN: 15% off 2+ bottles + free shipping code: DRYJANUARY15 #dryjanuary #ritualzeroproof #nacocktails #mocktailrecipes #spiritalternative #soberlife #sobercurious #bloodymarybar #dryjan"

469 likes, 14 comments - ritualzeroproof on January 1, 2024: "You know what it is - it's National Bloody Mary Day & THE official cocktail for kicking off ⭐�..."

Sophisticated and complex mocktails

Earl Grey tea and tonic

Elegant and aromatic, this mocktail infuses Earl Grey tea with tonic water for a subtly sweet and citrusy drink.

Pear-ginger shrub

This homemade pear and ginger shrub adds complexity and depth to club soda when topped with a splash of apple cider vinegar for a tart and refreshing sip.

N/A negroni

A sophisticated non-alcoholic take on the classic, this mocktail uses non-alcoholic gin, vermouth and bitters for a complex and flavorful drink.

Unique and flavorful mocktails

Lavender cooler

Mix sour grapefruit juice, aromatic lavender syrup, grenadine and basil for a floral and fragrant base, then add ice and sparkling water for a refreshing and unique drink.

Roasted peach and strawberry fizz

This sweet and icy mocktail blends roasted peaches, muddled strawberries, sparkling water and a touch of apple for a unique and flavorful sip.

Cucumber mint julep

A refreshing twist on the classic julep, this mocktail blends cucumber with mint leaves, honey and ginger then adds lime juice and sparkling water for a light and invigorating drink.

Chocolate cherry cola float

For a dessert-like indulgence, pour cherry cola over a scoop of vanilla ice cream in a glass and drizzle with cherry and chocolate syrup for a decadent and bubbly treat.

Non-alcoholic spirits 

These are just a few mocktails to kickstart your creativity in the kitchen, but there is so much more of the mocktail world to explore. If you want to elevate your mocktails with some special zero-proof spirits, then give these brands a go and see what you can make! 

Gin alternatives

Whiskey alternatives

Tequila alternatives


Rum alternatives

Aperitif/amaro alternatives

This is just a small selection of the many non-alcoholic spirits available on the market. With so many different options to choose from and the mocktail world gaining more and more traction, you're sure to find one that you love!

Remember, when choosing a non-alcoholic spirit, it's important to consider the types of cocktails you like to make. Some spirits are designed to be enjoyed neat or on the rocks, while others are better suited for mixing. Be sure to read the label carefully to see how the manufacturer recommends serving the spirit.


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Featured photo by Rirri on Unsplash

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