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3 DIY Holiday Gift Ideas

Dec 23rd, 2013

The deadlines for receiving ordered gifts before December 25th via standard delivery have passed. You have no interest in braving the crowds to sift through all of the potential gift options that have been left behind by those who shopped ahead and already snatched the best goods. But you really want to give your loved ones presents they will appreciate and enjoy, and you want to be timely about it. Believe it or not, you may already have everything you need to make beautiful, personalized gifts and ensure that they find their way under the tree by the time gift opening commences.

Here are three awesome, easy, and fun holiday gift ideas that you can make from the comfort of your own luxury apartment home. No crowds. No madness. No disappointment when you can’t find what you want. Just you, your craft box, a warming beverage, and your favorite holiday tunes.

1. Decorative Tea Towels

If you have any unbleached fabric around the apartment that you have not already designated to another use, then you probably have everything you need to make a set of knock-your-oven-mitts-off handmade tea towels. Beyond the fabric, all that you need is a fabric marker, a pen, some scratch paper, a needle, thread, and a clothes iron. After cutting the fabric into 18-inch by 24-inch rectangles, hem the edges by hand or with a sewing machine. Using the pen, sketch out any designs you would like to include on the towels on paper.  When finished, cut these shapes to make stencils and then use your fabric market to transfer these designs to the towels. After the marker or fabric paint dries, iron the fabric to anchor the color into the design. Wrap the towels up, and gift them to your loved ones. This awesome DIY holiday gift idea was inspired by master crafter Lana Red’s online blog.

2. Picture Perfect Coasters

Fabric, tile, cork board, and more. When it comes to DIY coasters, the options you have to work with are endless. This means that you almost certainly have something around the apartment that you can transform into an attractive antiperspirant for the glasses and cups your loved ones use. A creative way to make a DIY holiday gift of this vein personal and meaningful, however, is to use memorable photographs of you and your loved one.  The easiest base materials to use are tile and cork, but as long as you have a coaster appropriate material, Mod Podge craft glue, and a printer in your luxury apartment, you should be able to pull this off quite easily. Mounting dots made of felt or foam will also help. For instructions, visit

3. Eco-Friendly Shopping Bag

Another great DIY holiday gift idea for the pseudo-crafty apartment dweller with some fabric lying around is the handmade tote bag. If you have cotton or another type of white linen, acrylic paint, and a spool of thread, you are probably good to go. This project can be completed in under an hour, and provides the DIY holiday gift maker with plenty of room for creative expression. For more in-depth instructions, visit To pull this project off, you don’t even need a brush or a sponge. A potato will work just fine!

If you have the creative energy in you, there are several other great holiday gifts that you can create by hand. We have just chosen some of the simplest to highlight as a form of base inspiration. For other excellent DIY gift ideas that you can assemble and decorate from the comfort of your AMLI luxury apartment home, visit Lilluna,, and The 36th Avenue website.

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