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Luxury Apartment Perks: 3 Tasks You Do Not Have to Worry About as an Apartment Resident

Jul 18th, 2013

Living in an apartment has its perks.  A lot of them, in fact.  Apartments of different classes offer their residents different advantages.  For instance, a luxury apartment is more likely to provide its residents with access to hot local deals (AMLI PERKS) and speedy response to service requests than just any old apartment.  If you live in or are considering living in an AMLI residential community, then you already enjoy or will soon benefit from not having to worry about the following responsibilities that homeowners must regularly concern themselves with, thanks to our apartment perks!

1. Appliance Repairs

After perhaps the complimentary use of amenities like a swimming pool and on-site gym, maintenance-free living is touted as the greatest advantage to living in an apartment. And when most people think of maintenance, they think of fixing things.  No apartment renter is ever held responsible for an appliance when it decides to freak out or stop working, but many apartment dwellers may feel as if they are responsible if they want anything to be done about their broken dishwasher, beeping smoke alarm, leaky faucet, or underperforming washing machine.  At AMLI, we operate on the premise of a 48-hour service guarantee.  If we don’t address your problem within two working days of receiving your service request, we will start paying you.  Seriously.  For every additional day beyond that initial 48-hour period that it takes one of our maintenance professionals to repair or replace your affected appliance, one day’s rent will be deducted from your next rent payment.  This is how serious we are about worry-free living!

2. Lawn Maintenance

Encompassed in this category is anything that homeowners have to spend time doing outside, such as balancing their pool’s pH level, raking leaves in autumn, and shoveling snow in summer.  If you live in an AMLI apartment complex, you can enjoy the scenic elements of fall and the splendor of spring without having to perform any of the cleanup or preparation/planting/tending duties associated with either.  Our properties have groundskeepers that keep public outdoor spaces looking pristine all year long.

Many AMLI apartments are pet-friendly, and perhaps the one outdoor work-related tasks our pet owning residents are not spared is cleaning up after their pets.  But because our pet owners have to pick up droppings immediately after they are left behind, pet owners never have to worry about so much poo accumulating that 15 or 20 minutes have to be set aside for doggie doo clean-up.


3.  Keeping Watch

Most apartment complexes have staff members on grounds during business hours, always on the lookout for suspicious activity.  This can give you added peace of mind while you are at work or on vacation.  Additionally, even apartment communities that are not staffed by round-the-clock security personnel are less susceptible to foul play than most house based residential neighborhoods, as thieves are deterred by the buzz of activity associated with a community where hundreds of people live.  Still, you should take general safety precautions such as locking your doors and windows when you go to bed or leave home and keeping a detailed property inventory should you ever become the victim of theft.

The advantages discussed in this article are only those that are housekeeping related.  Apartment dwellers enjoy a host of other benefits, ranging from on-site fitness studios and other conveniently located amenities to the proximity they enjoy to shopping centers, highly-rated eateries, and nightlife hotspots.  When it comes to loving the life you live and enjoying apartment perks, it is hard to beat life in an AMLI apartment community.

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