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Green Technology Saves Money at Alpharetta Apartments

Aug 9th, 2012

Saving money doesn’t have to mean you have to settle for less when it comes to apartments in Alpharetta, GA. In fact, at our new luxury apartments in Alpharetta, AMLI North Point apartments, you save more by having more. These luxury apartments in Alpharetta were completed this past summer with many benefits to offer our residents including saving money. AMLI North Point apartments are aiming to qualify for LEED certification and on track for EarthCraft certification, which means that they’re the most sustainable and green luxury apartments in Alpharetta.

AMLI North Point apartments give residents many ways to save money. Below, we have listed five of the top ways our AMLI North Point apartments can do just that:

1. ENERGY STAR Appliances

AMLI North Point luxury apartments in Alpharetta help reduce energy bills by approximately 00 per year. Also, in 2010 alone, ENERGY STAR appliances helped homes and businesses save nearly 8 billion and reduce greenhouse emissions by the equivalent of 33 million cars. Pretty awesome, huh?

2. Dual Flush Toilets

Typical toilets use almost two gallons of water per flush. In AMLI North Point apartments, the dual-flush system reduces that by about 60 percent. This equates to savings of about 20 percent or more annually for residents at these luxury apartments in Alpharetta. (Source)

3. Solar Shades

It can get hot in Alpharetta, GA and at AMLI North Point, that’s no different. Although with the solar shades that come standard in every AMLI North Point apartment, it can reduce heat and cooling costs between 15 and 30 percent every year. That can amount to hundreds of dollars saved by AMLI North Point residents throughout their lease.

4. AMLI Perks

Not only do residents save money on utilities, but residents of AMLI North Point luxury apartments in Alpharetta can also save big at local businesses with AMLI PERKS. From pet hotels to restaurants to dry cleaners, residents of AMLI North Point apartments can save just by being an AMLI resident.


Saving money can be easy by just being a resident at AMLI North Point luxury apartments in Alpharetta. Hence, being green saves you green and having AMLI Perks at your leisure doesn’t hurt either! Learn more about, AMLI North Point apartments, our new luxury apartments in Alpharetta, GA

What do you do to save money? Let us know below.

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