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5 Benefits of Living in AMLI’s Smoke-Free Apartments

Oct 9th, 2012

It’s difficult to avoid the dangers of secondhand smoke in our everyday lives, but when you choose to live in AMLI’s smoke-free apartments you choose to live an environment where you and your family can always feel safe and healthy. AMLI’s BreatheasyTM program offers smoke-free living, in select communities, where smoking is prohibited both inside and outside individual apartments. With these five benefits you’ll see how living in smoke-free apartments can impact your overall health and well-being. 1.) Don’t Worry About Secondhand Smoke Most of us are aware that smoking greatly affects those around. However, sometimes it’s easy to forget exactly how and what it does to our health. Non-smokers breathe in the same nicotine and toxic chemicals that smokers do. Lung cancer, heart disease and asthma-related complications are just a few of the harmful side effects that secondhand smoke can cause. Smoke-free apartments, like AMLI 535 in Seattle, ensure that you can go home without the worries of secondhand smoke. You and your family can live, and breathe, easy knowing that these harmful chemicals aren’t in your community. 2.) Relax on a Couch That Doesn’t Smell Like Smoke Secondhand smoke particles settle and can linger for months in the form of dust or sticky residue on walls, fixtures, curtains and carpets. Whether or not you’re the one smoking, the smoke smell will linger even after the actual smoke is gone. Our strict no smoking policy also prevents fire-risks. Smoking-related fires are often caused from dropped cigarettes; most often by someone who has fallen asleep or is under the influence of alcohol. Dropped ashes can cause damage to countertops, tiles and bathtubs. In Chicago’s AMLI 900, you don’t have to worry about the plush carpets smelling like the last tenants smoke. At AMLI, a new apartment really looks and smells like new! 3.) Don’t Worry About Running Away From Smoke Smoke can move through air ducts, elevator shafts, walls and crawl spaces to eventually find its way to you. This is especially true in apartment complexes where the units are in one building. AMLI recognizes that to help the environment, and our tenants, it is important that everyone can breathe easy. When you live in one of our apartments, like AMLI at Interlocken in Denver, you won’t have to worry about the neighbor’s morning cigarette traveling through the ducts and waking you up! 4.) Enjoy a Litter-Free Common Area Don’t let cigarette debris prevent you and your family from enjoying the common area in your apartment! If the sun is shining and a barbecue is in order, get out and enjoy it! Part of AMLI’s BreatheasyTM program is our strict policy of no smoking inside or out! Your apartment common area won’t be littered with ashtrays and cigarette butts so when you are in one of our smoke-free apartments, like Atlanta’s AMLI Perimeter Gardens, you’re not only getting clean air, you’re getting a cleaner and more visually appealing environment. AMLI knows that something as simple as offering smoke-free apartments can mean a world of difference to our residents and the environment. At one of our smoke-free apartments, you can breathe easy and enjoy the full benefits of healthy living. Have you suffered through living in a community where smoking is permitted? Browse our BreatheasyTM communities and available floor plans online today!

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