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5 Must-Have Apps for iPhone-Owning Downtown Chicago Apartment Dwellers

Jul 18th, 2013

You discover that the bus or train line you typically use for commuting from your downtown Chicago apartment to work is experiencing delays, and you only wish you could remember what the next best alternative is.

There’s an app for that.

You are planning a first date and want to impress the other party by suggesting a restaurant that serves up undeniably tasty fare.

There’s an app that can help you find an eatery that fits your criteria and is conveniently located to your downtown Chicago apartment.

You have just polished off your nightcap and you have no desire to wait outside in the freezing cold (think four months from now)  as you attempt to hail down every cab that rolls by you, facing denial after denial.

There’s an app that can help you avoid this.

After conducting a considerable amount of research, it seems to me that the iPhone apps that Chicago luxury apartment dwellers could benefit from the most include:

Chicago Free & Frugal

From world class entertainment to mouthwatering gastronomy, Chicago has no shortage of options for those looking to get out and do something. In fact, narrowing down one’s options in order to stay under budget can be more of a challenge than finding a source of sensory stimulation.   Sutro Media’s Chicago Free & Frugal app can alert you to deals at fine restaurants, yoga studios, sporting events, and theaters, helping you sort through your options and get the most from each dollar you spend on Chicago living.


Chicago Breaking News

For breaking news, weather reports, and event highlights from around Chicagoland, download this free interactive news app.  Free of adds, this automatically updating, Chicago Tribune-powered app is a must for area residents who have a desire to be in the know.  Accessible in both landscape and portrait orientations, you can browse through this app’s news highlights while eating breakfast in your downtown apartment home or while on the bus to work.

City Spin Chicago

Initially developed for visitors to the Windy City, City Spin Chicago’s web app has become a handy tool for Chicagoland residents looking to exploit Chicago’s wealth of cultural options.  From musicals and comedy shows to bars and restaurants, there is not a single major form of entertainment present in Chicago that City Spin does not cover.

Transit Stop: CTA Tracker

As far as American cities are concerned, Chicago has a well-connected and fairly efficient public transit system.  That is not to say, however, that delays and route closures are uncommon.  Using a location map and real-time tracking data, this free iPhone app can estimate for you when the “L” train or bus you intend to take will arrive.  It can also help you determine the best alternate route to take in the event that your usual line is out of service or backed up.

Taxi Magic

With the help of this free iPhone app, hailing a cab to or from your downtown Chicago apartment is as easy as tapping your iPhone three times.  Book a ride anywhere in the city,  track the cab as it approaches your locale so you do not have to wait outside, and pay with a credit card–all from your iPhone!

If you live in AMLI 900 or another South Loop luxury Chicago apartment and you have an iPhone, download these helpful apps to improve your Chicago living experience.  Android-powered smartphone users, don’t fret–a list of Chicago-based apps for you will be posted to the blog soon. Until then,

Live Life + Love Life,

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