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5 Space Saving Furniture Pieces For Your Apartment

Jul 3rd, 2019

Depending on the size of your apartment and the amount of stuff  you own, storage and space could eventually become a hassle. That’s where space saving furniture comes in handy. Created in all different shapes and sizes, you’d be amazed with how versatile your furniture can be, especially when every precious inch in your apartment counts. That’s why we’ve curated a list of our favorite space-saving furniture pieces. Whether it be for your living room, bedroom or kitchen, we’ve got the perfect picks to make your organization and storage habits more useful and efficient.

Litter box enclosure

While you may love and adore your feline friend roaming around your home, their litter box can take up an entire corner of your apartment. Not to mention, they aren’t the most aesthetically pleasing to look at. That’s why, with this handy dandy litter box enclosure, you can simply hide away your litter box while giving yourself extra room to store books and magazines, or include a lamp or plant for added decoration. All while minimizing any odor! To make things easier for your cat, they can simply walk in and out of the enclosure at leisure.

Tilden lift top coffee table

A coffee table, desktop and storage unit—all in one! With its rustic finish, this table is the perfect addition for those looking to enjoy their dinner in front of the TV, answer emails or write down their weekly list of to-dos. Underneath the table top, you’ll notice additional storage compartments for extra blankets, books, or any toys or board games.

Leaning ladder desk

For those of you who prefer to work from the comfort of your own home, the leaning ladder desk is a great option. On the smaller size to save you room, this compact desk works well in either your bedroom or living room. Featuring a pull-out front drawer and additional lower shelf, this desk can store all of your work and office supplies, as well as any paperwork or documents that you need a designated space for. Likewise, the lower tier is the perfect spot to place your printer.

Amalfi storage bench

If you’re worried about the lack of seating in your living room, you’ll find great use in this versatile and multi-functional bench. Stylish, plush and comfortable, the Amalfi bench includes a lift-able lid to store away any extra clutter or items you might have lying around. Best part? The storage compartment is completely hidden! Crafted from manufactured wood, the fabric on this bench is stain-resistant, making it child-proof and perfect for your apartment.

Simple Living space saver

It’s easy to agree that bathrooms can often times become cluttered, especially when it’s a shared space. No matter if its makeup taking over your medicine cabinet or hygiene products, creating additional storage is the perfect way to tidy up your bathroom. That’s why we recommend the Simple Living Space Saver. It’s the perfect addition to any bathroom and an efficient way to create added storage space. Choose from either a white or grey finish and allow yourself extra room for all of your necessities with its side shelves and built in cabinets.

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