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Got a clogged sink? The culprit might just be one of these five common household items.
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5 Things to Never Put Down Your Sink

Dec 20th, 2016

While your local plumber can easily clear out a clogged drain, that is one maintenance issue that no apartment dweller should have to constantly deal with. This is especially true for those who live in complexes that are more than a few decades old and may not have the best pipes and plumbing around town. Clogs will bring your daily habits to a grinding halt and eventually damage your pipes. Here is a look at five products that you and your household should never rinse down the sink.

Prescription medication

There are two reasons why prescription medications should never go down your sink or make their way into the sewage system. Not only do they have the potential to block drains, but the chemicals can potentially contaminate your local water sources even after being filtered. This includes all types of prescriptions such as ointments, powders, gels, patches, and pills.

Coffee grounds

Coffee scrubs and masks have become very popular in recent years to treat cellulite, fine lines, wrinkles, and a variety of other cosmetic issues. However, think twice about dumping grounds from your coffee maker down the drain. Grounds can build up with the grease and oils in the sewage line, and eventually require an experienced plumber, like those from Rakeman Plumbing, who have access to special tools to remove this type of difficult clog.

Coconut oil

Most oils and fats are liquid when they are warm, but keep in mind that they will solidify as they cool down. From the moment that you turn off the faucet, coconut oil can begin creating a nearly impenetrable wall that can be extremely difficult to unclog. Instead of rinsing it down the drain, coconut oil should be wiped off the skin with a tissue, then thrown away.

Disposable contacts

When changing to a new pair of contacts, it often feels easier to simply rinse the old contacts down the sink with your contact fluid. When the pipes become dry, however, the contacts will harden and cling to the sides. Over a short period of time, other debris can be caught by the hardened contacts and cause clogs.

Oatmeal scrubs

Oatmeal itself generally does not clog pipes, but it will cling to anything it comes into contact with down in your sewage lines. The thick sludge that oatmeal creates is nearly impervious to over-the-counter drainer cleaners. Just like coconut oil, oatmeal scrubs should be scooped off the skin and placed in the trash or composted. This is especially true for those using such products in the bathroom, because bathroom sinks typically do not have garbage disposals.

In addition to keeping your bathroom and kitchen sinks clean and free of debris, you should also be wary of what goes down your toilets and kitchen sinks. Everything from animal fats to hygiene products can cause major clogs in your sewage line, and that often results in cracks, slow leaks, and burst pipes.

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