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How to Raise a Pet in an Apartment | AMLI Residential

Oct 16th, 2013

Some people say that raising pets in an apartment is all but impossible.  These people are not familiar with pet-friendly apartments like those managed by AMLI Residential.  If you live in a pet-friendly apartment and make an effort to help your pet feel at home, he or she has every likelihood of becoming one of the happiest, healthiest pets around.  Here are some great ways to turn your already pet-friendly apartment home into a pet’s paradise.

1. Pet Proof Your Surroundings

Pets view the world differently than we humans do.  Because of this, a number of elements of a home that a human would not think twice about being a hazard can make pets feel uncomfortable.  A good way to identify these hazards is to get down on your hands and knees and view your living space from your pet’s perspective.  Cover hardwood floors with non-slip rugs that don’t cause pets to slide around, move or cover dangling wires so that your pets can’t trip or chew on them, and keep medication, cleaning agents, and other potentially poisonous objects in your home far out of your pet’s reach.  If your new pet is a dog, ensure that any clothes, furniture, or valuables you care a great deal about are stored somewhere that is inaccessible to your dog to avoid chewing.  This also means refraining from throwing laundry and shoes on the floor after you’ve taken them off.

2. Designate Pet Space

Just as you have your own space that you can retreat to when you feel like relaxing or being alone, it is important to create some sort of hideout or private space for your pet.  If you have a dog that will be left at home all day on most weekdays, it is especially important that he or she feels comfortable while at home alone.  Cordon off part of your living room or bedroom, and lay out a dog pillow or blanket with some of your dog’s favorite toys.  A cat is better prepared to find a hideout in a pet-friendly apartment home, but it is still nice to create a “cats only” area with scratching posts and the like.  Remember, apartment dwellers, that these designated pet spaces need not be big–a single corner in the living room or bedroom should do just fine.

3. Make Use of Apartment Grounds

Many pet-friendly apartment communities have well-maintained grounds that can be enjoyed by pet and owner alike.  Shortly after introducing a new dog to your pet-friendly apartment home, explore the grounds together.  This can help your pet develop a sense of belonging in his or her new environment.  After familiarizing yourself and your new pooch with your pet-friendly apartment grounds, peruse the area around your apartment in search of a dog park or ideal dog walking environments.  Some of AMLI’s pet-friendly apartment homes, such as AMLI Flagler Village in Fort Lauderdale, have dog parks of their own.

4. Hire a Dog Walker

Are your days usually busy?  If you have a job that requires you to be at the office from sunrise until sunset, hiring a dog walker can do wonders for your dog’s health and happiness.  Most urban areas have dog walking specialists, so shop around and find a company that appears reputable to break up Fido’s alone time while you are at the office.  It is much nicer to come home to a dog that is simply excited to see you than a dog that is excited to see you and has a seemingly endless supply of energy.

5. Use On-Site Grooming Services

Grooming your pet is important, but the time commitment associated with dropping a pet off at the groomer’s and waiting while he or she is being groomed causes many pet owners to put off pet grooming far longer than they should.  A number of AMLI’s pet-friendly apartment communities have pet spas operating on-site.  A few of these luxury apartments include AMLI Old 4th Ward in Atlanta and AMLI Mark24 in Seattle.

If you are not already living in a pet-friendly apartment community and are looking for one to move to, check to see if there are any AMLI communities in your area.  We have luxury apartments in ten metropolitan areas from Seattle to Southeast Florida, and many of them are pet-friendly .

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