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7 Ideas for Your Shark Week Party that Will Start a Feeding Frenzy

Aug 7th, 2013

For 26 years, television viewers with a range of interests have been captivated by Shark Week’s addictive bite.  If you’ve fallen victim to one of the Discovery Channel‘s most-watched and highly-anticipated television programs and you know others that are just as crazy about Shark Week as you are, then you may want to celebrate the culmination of this year’s event with a Shark Week viewing party.  Since there are only a few days of this year’s Shark Week event left, we have compiled some tips that should inspire you and save you time as you plan a last minute get-together.

1. Shark Cakes or Cupcakes

When it comes to baking, there is no shortage of shark-inspired options that can be cooked up.  From traditional cakes with shark cake toppers to shark-shaped cakes to cookies shaped with shark cookie cutters, you can pick your dessert poison and let your imagination run wild.  You don’t need much in the way of time or creative energy.  But if you have a left-heavy brain and a few hours to spare before the party and you feel like baking and decorating something that would be worthy of an appearance on “Ace of Cakes,” your guests are sure to appreciate it.

2. Shark-Fin Ice Cubes

No cake or cookie should be unaccompanied by a tasty, thirst-quenching beverage.  Check with your local party supply store to see if their inventory includes shark-fin ice cube trays, and make sure that no drink is served up without a fin poking out of the drink’s surface.  Shark Bite Bloody Marys and Shark Attack Sangria are just a few of several shark-themed cocktails that can be prepared with or without alcohol.

3. Shark Gummies

An easy way to contribute to the shark theme you want to be so readily apparent at your Shark Week viewing party is to pick up some shark gummy candy at your local drug store or supermarket.  Toss them in a bowl with some Swedish Fish gummies to give off the impression that they are feeding.

4. Shark Art

From posters made for iconic shark films like Jaws to prints of award-winning photographs and paintings, there are several decorative options from which you can choose when decorating from your party.  Party supply stores often have shark-themed napkins, paper plates, and banners that can also contribute to the atmosphere in your apartment at the time of  your Shark Week party. If you live in a family-friendly apartment and young children are likely to be present at your party, find shark-themed coloring books or purchase supplies that will keep the young ones busy building shark masks or clothes-pin sharks.

5. Shark Apparel

If you really want to get into the spirit and be a great Shark Week party host, then you must try to incorporate the theme into your clothing one way or the other.  Pull out that old Jaws t-shirt and fashion yourself a skirt out of it, take the time to make a pair of shark socks or shoes, or pick up a shark mask or hat that should make greeting guests a real blast as they turn up for your viewing party.

6. Swimming with Sharks

It may just be a coincidence that Shark Week falls in the middle of the swimming season, but you can still work this to your advanrage.  Consider paying a visit to your luxury apartment pool at the beginning or end of your Shark Week party.  Don’t forget your Jaws-themed swim trunks and inflatable shark pool toys.

7. Shark Movies

If you intend for your party to last until long after the evening’s Discovery Channel shark features are over, consider topping the night off with a screening of Jaws or another shark-centric classic.  From to Shark Tales, there is a shark movie out there for everyone.  For those of us who really like the idea of throwing a shark-themed party during Shark Week but don’t have the time to do so before Sunday, a movie marathon is an idea to consider.

Throughout the course of its 26-season history, Shark Week has amassed quite a following.  The multimedia event is broadcast in nearly 80 countries and tuned into by a jaw-dropping 30 million households throughout the week.  Throw a well-planned viewing party in your luxury apartment this week, and it may turn out to be one of those parties that your friends and neighbors look forward to attending year after year.



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