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organizing a studio apartment
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7 Tricks for Organizing a Studio Apartment

Oct 12th, 2018

Those who currently dwell in a studio apartment understand that every square inch counts. You want your apartment to be functional, cozy and appealing to your personal tastes. Maximizing your space is tough when you don’t have much to work with, but it’s possible to organize a studio in a way that still feels spacious. Create order within the bounds of a small living space with these simple tricks for organizing a studio apartment.

Vertical space

Take advantage of your wall space by adding hooks, shelves, hanging baskets or incorporating a tall bookshelf. Think about how you might be able to use empty corners and the space above your stove, bed or toilet. One idea for in your kitchen is to hang your knives and other utensils on this stainless steel magnetic knife bar from Amazon.

Open entryway

An easy way to open up your entryway is to add a floating shelf with hooks near your door. This gives you one area to keep your keys, jacket, mail and other things that need to be stored as you go in and out of your apartment. Floating shelves are also nice because they don’t take up any floor space. Check out this affordable floating shelf on Amazon.


Adding a rolling cart into your studio is a great way to expand storage in tight spaces. These make it easy to store a lot of different items and move them from area to area. Roll them out when you need something then move them out of sight when you’re finished. We love this slim rolling storage cart from Wayfair—it fits just about anywhere and holds so much!

Multi-functional furniture 

Small space organization requires some creative thinking. There are countless ways to incorporate multi-functional furniture into a small space such as ottomans with hidden storage, floor lamps with shelving, couches that turn to beds and so much more. We like this multi-purpose coffee table that opens up to a full-sized table that will comfortably seat up to six people.

Room dividers

Break up areas of your studio and maintain order by adding a room divider with built-in storage. Storage cubbies make for great room dividers and allow you to store items in bins or on open shelves. Room dividers can create new rooms in your space instantly and give you more storage space all while not taking up precious floor space. Try this simple cubby system from IKEA.

Add mirrors

The reflective surface of mirrors make your small space look and feel larger. Invest in a large mirror to reduce the claustrophobic vibes of a small living space and create the illusion of more square footage. While mirrors won’t help with organization, they do make a huge difference in creating an open feel to your studio. Check out this beautiful marble and brass floor mirror from West Elm.

Under bed storage

Maximize your bedroom with storage totes that fit under your bed. Keep shoes, seasonal clothing, books, extra sheets, blankets or anything else you want to keep tucked away. Hidden storage is a great way to stay organized without the need for added square footage. Under the bed storage containers come in many shapes and sizes, but we like these soft top bins from IKEA.

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organizing a studio apartment

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