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Keep track of your fitness goals in 2018 with these smartphone apps.
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8 Smartphone Apps to Help you Meet Your Fitness Goals

Feb 9th, 2018

We’re six weeks into 2018. How are your New Year’s resolutions coming along? If you resolved to lose weight, build muscle mass, eat healthier, or live a more active lifestyle this year, this post is for you. Here are eight smartphone apps designed to help you stay on top of your fitness goals, even if you’ve lost some of that New Year’s resolve.


Abvio’s highly-rated fitness tracking app collects thorough data from your bike rides, walks, and runs. Use it to track fitness progress and push your limits so you can achieve your goals and set new ones. Cyclemeter’s basic version is free. An elite version is available for .99.


The free version of this user-friendly app tracks workouts in a similar fashion to Cyclemeter. Premium subscribers also gain access to training plans and coaching features. Endomondo Premium costs .99 per month or 9.99 per year.

FIT Radio

A smattering of music workout apps have emerged over the past few years. FIT Radio remains one of the highest-rated. The app curates playlists for a range of workouts, each containing songs with a consistent beat. Users can search by music genre or workout type. If you’re a premium subscriber, the app will even help you find the right beat for you. FIT Radio Premium costs .99 per month, 7.99 per year, or 9.99 for lifetime access.


You’re familiar with the Fitbit. And if you use one, you probably also have the Fitbit app. But did you know you can use the app without a Fitbit activity tracker? Using a Fitbit will definitely help you get more from the app. But even without one, the app will count your steps, log your weight, help track calories consumed, and more. Fitbit Premium costs 9.99 per year.

Fitbit Coach

Formerly known as FitStar, this innovative app designs custom workouts for you, based on your fitness level and feedback. And you don’t even have to push yourself to complete the workouts, at least not alone. Former NFL player Tony Gonzalez coaches and motivates FitStar users to make the most of their workout time. Try the basic version for free. If you like it, you can enjoy FitStar premium for .99 a month or 9.99 a year.

Lose It!

This app counts calories and logs exercise to help users meet their weight loss goals. Lose It! is compatible with Fitbit devices, MapMyWorkout, and other fitness devices and apps, making it easy to measure calorie intake against calorie expenditure. Purchase this app for 9.99 per year.


If your top excuse for not getting the exercise you need is a lack of time, you should try Seven. The app seeks to nullify this excuse through its daily workouts. They’re seven minutes in duration, and requite no exercise equipment. All that is required for this app to help you meet your fitness goals is a chair, your body weight, some will power, and seven minutes of your time.


Seeking motivation to spend more active time exercising outside? This free app tracks steps you take outdoors and then converts them into a digital currency. The currency, also called Sweatcoin, can be used to buy fitness classes, trackers, and more. Sweatcoin is not yet an exchange-traded cryptocurrency, although this is a goal of its founders.

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