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AMLI Blazes a Trail with Luxer One 24-Hour Package Rooms
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AMLI Blazes a Trail with Luxer One 24-Hour Package Rooms

Nov 10th, 2015

Every day, thousands of consumers make purchases online. With the steady rise of packages being ordered and the usual increase in deliveries that occurs leading up to the holiday season, it’s easy to see why many building and front desk managers are nervous about handling the loads they’ll receive in the coming weeks.

Currently, at 12 AMLI Residential properties, this won’t be the case. In addition to its locker solution, Luxer One developed state-of-the-art controlled access package delivery rooms where packages are dropped off and stored safely until residents can pick them up.

The Delivery Dilemma

In residential communities, many building managers feel a combination of limited space and an already busy staff means they simply cannot keep up with package management. Some managers have decided to no longer accept packages for tenants, claiming the lost time employees spend processing them is no longer worth it. Others are encouraging residents to use P.O. Boxes or sign-off so packages can be left right outside their door. Others still are trying to stay on top of the demands that come with a barrage of packages, but have had to hire employees to work full-time simply to manage the influx of deliveries.

A New, Automated Solution

Luxer One offers fully automated package delivery systems that take the middleman (i.e. front desk manager) out. Once a Luxer One solution is installed, delivery service personnel deliver and log each package directly to an access-controlled locker room. As soon as this occurs, you receive an email or text message informing you your package has been delivered and shares  a unique access code with you. You pick up your package at your convenience, and enjoy the peace of mind of knowing its safe in the meantime.

And what if, down the line, the volume of packages a community receives becomes so great it can no longer be handled by the package delivery infrastructure installed? The beauty of Luxer One, as described by AMLI President and CEO Steve Hallsey, is it’s an “expandable solution.” If a package room is regularly filled to capacity, Luxer One can install an additional room or additional lockers.

The Future of Package Delivery at AMLI Residential

The first Luxer One package delivery system was installed at AMLI South Lake Union, just a few blocks from Seattle’s bustling Amazon campus. At present, Luxer One solutions are operating at AMLI Old 4th Ward in Atlanta, AMLI Covered Bridge and AMLI at Mueller in Austin, AMLI Deerfield near Chicago, AMLI Campion Trail  in the Dallas area, AMLI Park Avenue in the Denver area and AMLI 535 and AMLI Mark24 in Seattle. Reviews from residents are overwhelmingly positive, and have encouraged AMLI to make plans to roll out Luxer One to another 30 properties in 2016.

Reflecting on this development, CEO Steve Hallsey says:

“Every apartment tenant wants great customer service. Residents want amenities that reflect the rent they pay. What spurred us to do this? We’ve listened to our customers, and having 24-hour access to packages they know are safely stored is something they really care about. It’s something they really want.”

The ease of ordering goods online is a mark of convenience for many. Millennials, especially, love how they can order just about anything online and get most of it within two days. They like that their goods come directly to their apartment. It only follows logically they would want to be able to retrieve packages from a secure location in their apartment building at their convenience. Thanks to the automated technology that drives Luxer One, an employee’s time, energy, and watchful eye is no longer required to give residents this convenience.

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