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A Band, a Legacy, a Tradition at AMLI Mark24
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A Band, a Legacy, a Tradition at AMLI Mark24

Feb 9th, 2015

AMLI Mark24 sits on a chunk of prime real estate in the Seattle neighborhood of Ballard. In addition to offering stunning views and easy access to area attractions and conveniences, the Ballard apartments stand proud in an area rich with heritage. To honor that heritage, AMLI Residential commissioned a legacy band for its first Ballard apartment community.

The Idea

There is a common adage that good fences make good neighbors. In the case of AMLI Mark24, the hope is a legacy band depicting important area events and significant milestones will foster a sense of camaraderie and community between residents of the new luxury apartments and nearby residents with longstanding Ballard roots. The band will help give people familiarity with the area’s heritage and history.

In an area where demand for living space is high and pride in the area and its heritage runs deep, the legacy band demonstrates AMLI Residential’s appreciation for the area’s history and community as the company establishes its Ballard presence. When asked about the inspiration for the band, regional manager Alison Keck spoke of the importance of incorporating elements of the area’s legacy for future generations. 

The Design Process

Concerned with promoting the essence of community through the design of beautiful and interactive places, integrated designer GGLO was a natural partner for the project. While the concept initially came from the AMLI Residential development team, the legacy band’s design is the result of collaboration between GGLO, real estate development firm Red Propeller, and graphic design firm League of Excellence. Based in Seattle, the three firms understood the idea behind the concept and were able to artfully, skillfully, and tastefully design and craft the band.

AMLI Mark24 Legacy Band Details

So what exactly is on this legacy band? What is it made of? Where can it be found?

The band starts at the entrance to AMLI Mark24 near the parking garage entrance on Market Street. It runs through the apartment lobby, vertically alongside the grand staircase, and up to the community’s main entrance, where a plate commemorating the opening of the apartment community can be found. Made of concrete slab and iron plates, the band features 18 significant moments in the area’s history, including the founding of Ballard in 1897, the completion of the Hiram M. Chittenden Ballard Locks in 1917, and the inauguration of the Ballard Farmers Market in 1990.

Excited about its recently established presence in the Ballard neighborhood, AMLI Residential hopes the legacy band will encourage residents to celebrate the neighborhood’s culture and continue to explore its heritage over the years. If you’re interested in the band and haven’t  checked it out, visit AMLI Mark24 and do so. Ballard, you’re awesome!

Do you like the design and idea of the AMLI Mark24 legacy band? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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